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TOKYO, Dec. 3 Kyodo

---------- China rejects Vatican criticism of bishop ordinations

BEIJING - China on Sunday defended its ordination of Catholic bishops without seeking papal approval, calling the Vatican's criticism of China in this regard ''unreasonable.''

The comment, conveyed through the official Xinhua News Agency, came in reaction to the Vatican's statement on Saturday deploring the way Wang Renlei was ordained a bishop coadjutor last Thursday by the Xuzhou diocese in eastern China's Jiangsu Province.

---------- Japan concerned over conflict between gov't, military in Fiji

TOKYO - The Japanese government expressed concern Sunday over the conflict in Fiji between the government and the military, and said it hopes the matter will be resolved peacefully.

''Japan is concerned that the conflict between the government and the military in Fiji over the military's demand for a 'peaceful transition' of power has heightened and that the situation in the country is becoming seriously unstable,'' Foreign Ministry spokesman Mitsuo Sakaba said.

---------- LDP to decide Monday to readmit 11 'postal rebels'

TOKYO - The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is set to readmit Monday 11 of the so-called ''postal rebels'' who former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi purged last year for opposing his postal privatization scheme.

The LDP will convene a meeting of the Party Ethics Committee in the afternoon at the party headquarters in Tokyo to formally approve the return of 11 of the 12 independent House of Representatives members who filed a joint petition for readmission on Nov. 27.

---------- Gov't to keep northern Okinawa promotion policy over Futemma move

TOKYO - The Japanese government plans to continue its policy to promote the economic development of northern Okinawa in fiscal 2007 as part of efforts to facilitate the smooth relocation of a U.S. military base within the prefecture, government sources said Sunday.

The move reverses the Cabinet decision made in May to discontinue the policy after the end of the current fiscal year next March. The Cabinet Office and the Finance Ministry are in final consultations to include allocations for related projects in the budget proposal for fiscal 2007, the sources said.

---------- Miyazaki governor to resign over bid rigging, denies involvement

MIYAZAKI, Japan - Miyazaki Gov. Tadahiro Ando said Sunday he will resign over a bid-rigging scandal that has led to the arrest of five senior prefectural government officials, including one arrested Sunday.

The 65-year-old Ando, who faced a no-confidence motion by the prefectural assembly Friday, denied any involvement in the bid rigging, however, telling a press conference, ''I will continue to proclaim my innocence.''

---------- Ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein appeals death sentence

CAIRO - Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has appealed the death sentence handed down last month by Iraq's High Tribunal, his lawyer said Sunday.

Saddam was sentenced to death by hanging as the tribunal found him guilty of crimes against humanity in the killings of Shiite civilians in 1982.
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Date:Dec 4, 2006
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