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Kyodo news summary -3-.

TOKYO, Sept. 15 Kyodo

---------- People's New Party leader Kamei to be named defense minister

TOKYO - Yukio Hatoyama, the presumptive prime minister and president of the Democratic Party of Japan, on Tuesday offered Shizuka Kamei, leader of the People's New Party, the post of defense minister in his incoming coalition government and Kamei accepted it, a PNP executive said.

Kamei, 72, who heads a small party that opposes the privatization of postal services, had requested the post of internal affairs and communications minister, who has jurisdiction over postal services.

---------- SDP leader Fukushima accepts post of minister for consumer affairs

TOKYO - Social Democratic Party leader Mizuho Fukushima on Tuesday accepted the post of state minister in charge of consumer affairs, sources said.

The post also includes responsibilities for coping with Japan's declining birthrate and ensuring gender equality and food safety.

---------- Veteran lawmaker Yokomichi accepts post of lower house speaker

TOKYO - Veteran Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Takahiro Yokomichi on Tuesday accepted the offer of the post of House of Representatives speaker, party sources said.

The DPJ grabbed 308 of the 480 seats in the lower house in the general election on Aug. 30 and Yokomichi is expected to be elected as new speaker Wednesday.

---------- Aso Cabinet expresses mixed feelings, advice for new gov't

TOKYO - Looking back at their one year in office, members of Prime Minister Taro Aso's Cabinet on Tuesday voiced mixed feelings over the imminent handover of power and expectations for a new administration to be led by the Democratic Party of Japan.

''I believe this will mark one closure of the long-lasting Liberal Democratic Party administration,'' Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting.

---------- China's Communist Party elite convene for annual meeting

BEIJING - China's Communist Party officials on Tuesday gathered to discuss how to ''strengthen and improve'' party-building at the annual meeting of the Central Committee, state media said.

The four-day closed session will see the 204-strong Central Committee deliberate on ''major issues'' concerning how to strengthen and improve ''party building in a new situation,'' the Xinhua News Agency said.
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Sep 21, 2009
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