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Kyodo Industry Brief (April 25) -1-.

TOKYO, April 25 Kyodo

---------- Toyota to release plug-in hybrid in China in 2012

BEIJING - A Toyota Motor Corp. executive said Tuesday the Japanese automaker plans to release a plug-in hybrid vehicle in China within this year, responding to Beijing's recent move to promote eco-friendly vehicles.

---------- Dydo Drinco to form capital alliance with China's Miyuan group

TOKYO - Beverage maker Dydo Drinco Inc. said Tuesday the company and its China unit have decided to form a capital alliance with the Shanghai-based Miyuan Group firms to restructure and boost its business in China.

---------- Denso develops 'driver's area only' air conditioning system

TOKYO - Denso Corp. said Tuesday it has developed the world's first automotive air conditioning system capable of heating or cooling the driver's area only, which the company says can help improve the vehicle's overall fuel economy.

---------- Ube Industries to raise price of diol products

TOKYO - Ube Industries Ltd. said Tuesday it will raise the price of diol products in Japan and other parts of Asia effective for shipments on or after May 1 due to tight supply of the chemical used for making an environmentally friendly coating material among other products.

---------- Idemitsu Kosan to raise price of syndiotactic polystyrene resin

TOKYO - Idemitsu Kosan Co. said Tuesday it will raise the price of syndiotactic polystyrene resin used for electronic components and home appliances effective for shipments on or after May 1 due partly to rising crude oil prices.


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