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Kyocera Introduces High-Efficiency Turbo Refrigerators in Major Plants.

Kyoto, Japan, June 26, 2006 - (JCN) - Kyocera has introduced high-efficiency turbo refrigerators in the company's major plants and research laboratory in Japan. The measures will be undertaken starting in July as part of the company's initiatives to prevent global warming.

The installations are expected to contribute to a reduction of approximately 17,410 tons of CO2 a year, equivalent to approximately 5.8% of the emission of greenhouse effect gas produced by the company in fiscal 2005.

The volume of the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions represents approximately 59.2% of the 29,412 tons of CO2 per year required for achieving the goal of a 6% reduction in comparison with level in fiscal 1990, calculated based on the figures in fiscal 2005.

Turbo refrigerators improve efficiency in energy consumption, compared with the existing absorption-type refrigerators. Thus in addition to environmental protection, economic benefits to the tune of 260 million yen per annum are expected.

Following the Kyoto Protocol in February 2005, many companies are setting specific targets and activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Kyocera also sets high targets, namely a reduction of 6% in fiscal 2007 and 10% in fiscal 2009 in comparison with the volume of emissions in fiscal 1990.

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
Date:Jun 27, 2006
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