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Kyocera's 1st high-end digital camera to hit market this fall.

OSAKA, Jan. 12 Kyodo

Kyocera Corp. will begin marketing a high-end digital camera under its popular Contax brand name as early as this fall, company officials said Friday.

The camera, derived from the Contax N1 film camera, will feature a charge-coupled device (CCD) of up to 6 million pixels, making high-quality, fine-textured images possible to meet camera buffs' demands.

A CCD converts optical data into electrical signals and then restores and transmits the converted data.

The digital camera will have the same body as the Contax N1, making it compatible with Carl Zeiss-brand automatic focusing lenses, which Kyocera sells.

It has not yet been decided how much the new digital camera will retail for, the officials said.

Kyocera's entry into the high-end digital camera market, coupled with planned sales of a compact, 200-gram, 3.3-million-pixel digital camera from this spring, are hoped to bring the company on par with leading digital camera firms.
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Comment:Kyocera's 1st high-end digital camera to hit market this fall.
Publication:Japan Consumer Electronics Scan
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Date:Jan 15, 2001
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