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Kwikstar's DCI introduces new music to new technology.

VANCOUVER, B.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 25, 1996--Kwikstar Communications Ltd. (ASE:KCL) Thursday announced that 2ndSun Records was the first record label to utilize Digital Courier International Inc. (DCI) to release a new original recording to the Canadian broadcast industry.

Toronto band gut-sonic had its first single "Instant Excuses" from its debut CD "Impetus23" distributed to Canadian album rock program managers across the country over DCI's proprietary direct-to-radio network.

Since Kwikstar's Nov. 16, 1995, announcement of its acquisition of DCI via reverse takeover, DCI has continued its aggressive rollout of the North American market. DCI operates a unique "private Internet" for radio, designed for the direct transmission and receipt of digital audio signals and text to 200 networked radio stations in Canada and more than 1,200 in the United States.

Until recently the DCI network had been almost exclusively used for distribution of advertising and prerecorded radio programming, but its ability to deliver digitized signals allows record labels to distribute music with audio fidelity equivalent to, or better than, that of a traditional CD.

John Walters of 2ndSun Records commented, "We were looking for a cost-effective and innovative means to deliver this single. DCI allowed us to select a specific single from the album and immediately deliver it to targeted radio stations without any loss of quality from the original recording."

DCI's rate of expansion in the United States will soon allow record labels on both sides of the border the opportunity to distribute new releases to radio stations for instant airplay.

Remy Kozak, DCI's vice president, marketing stated, "From discussions we've been having with major record labels, we knew our network was capable of distributing new releases, but we were pleased that this additional source of revenue could be brought on-line so early in our North American deployment."

What do the radio stations think? Wayne Deschover, music director of CKLG, Vancouver, was impressed by more than just the audio quality. "For major record labels' new releases, sending via DCI is a great idea," said Deschover. "For independent bands, it will cut down on their manufacturing costs, and their songs will be in the music director's face."

DCI's mission is to advance the application and development of a communications network for the radio industry using standard audio compression known as MPEG.

MPEG allows audio signals to pass through DCI's proprietary software and hardware, be compressed by a factor of 6:1 or greater; be transmitted over digital phone lines through the DCI store and forward network; and be received and decoded at its destination by DCI terminals yielding a digital quality equivalent to a compact disc.

DCI's roots in the telecommunications industry and its internationally recognized implementation of MPEG, combined with the recent infusion of additional capital arranged by Kwikstar Communications Ltd., are keys to achieving its mission. DCI's rollout of MPEG-based systems continues toward a goal of 3,000 by the end of 1996. -0-

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CONTACT: Kwikstar Communications Ltd.

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Digital Courier International Inc.

Remy Kozak, Vice President, Marketing

Tel: (604) 293-6184 or

Toll Free: (800) 909-7888
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 25, 1996
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