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Kuwait Detains Sunni Blogger for Anti-Shia Comments.

Kuwaiti detained for 21 days for his tweets, amid calls to have his citizenship revoked With tough rules on what can be said and what can't, social media has become a bit of a black hole in the Middle East. Kuwaiti national Mohammad al-Mulaifi's anti-Shia comments qualify him to enter the pantheon of 'controversial' Middle Eastern Tweeps.

"Twitter has become something of a minefield in the Middle East. While tweeters have served prison sentences, Saudi Journalist Hamza Kashgari could be facing a far more serious sentence due to statements he made on Twitter."

The 'Arab Spring', or the 'Great Arab Secularist Disappointment of 2011/2' With its light-hearted name and revolutionary spirit, the Arab Spring exploded onto the pages of history books. But who will be tagged under epic fail in said history books? The secularist left-wingers who have failed to mobilize and speak directly to the people, according to this blogger.

"It is this last point that more than anything explains the failure of secularist Arabs to capitalise on the uprisings to push for wider reforms and mount serious attempts at taking power. It became clear from the beginning that Arab secularists are far more skilled at speaking to the international media than to their countrymen and women."

Classic burger joint... the truth is out. With Lent around the corner, all sorts of chains are coming up with seafood menus. This Lebanese blogger's problem? These chains advertising these menus could be more straightforward behind the oh-so sudden emergence of seafood a la carte. What's wrong with saying 'for Lent'?

"Why suddenly there's a proliferation of ads about fish menus? Because of the above mentionned reason naturally. Somehow everyone is too shy to say it. And even went a bit further than expected visually and inserted the fish symbol as early Christians used to draw it..."

The Lebanese Celebrities Wedding Album Celebrity weddings are always a spectacle, but nobody does them like the Lebanese. Ivy from Lebanon shares the wedding pictures of some of the more prominent Lebanese celebs. Some are beautiful; others are trashy, but all are very Lebanese.

"Some look like puff-pastries others look like little girls playing dress up at second hand bridal stores. One can't help what wonder what the hell were they thinking but hey, if the Lebanese Politicians get to do it, why can't these divas give it a go?"

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Date:Feb 21, 2012
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