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Kustom Group launches there new products.

Kustom Group has introduced three new products to its portfolio.

The first is KS-450 Kustom Kure High Gloss UV Coating for digital ink. Digital is one of the fastest growing segments of the printing industry. However, because of the unique chemistry of digital inks, the ability to topcoat has always been a challenge.

With this in mind, Kustom Group developed KS-450. KS-450 is formulated as a general purpose, high gloss UV coating for application over various digital inks such as HP Indigo, Canon, IGEN and Konica. KS-450 provides excellent gloss and clarity, excellent cure response, good adhesion to digital inks and produces a very smooth finish when applied by a roller or flexo coating unit.

Kustom Group also launched KS-190 Kentucky Shine High Body. Press Stable Gloss Overprint. KS-190 represents the next generation of Kentucky Shine. It is formulated as an aqueous overprint varnish for application to paper and pa-perboard through the inking unit of a sheetfed offset press. Typical applications would be commercial printing.

KS-190 provides enhanced press stability when compared to other products, excellent clarity and gloss, excellent set and dry speed and good rub and scuff resistance (test versus specifications prior to use). It has a gel-like structure to prevent dripping through the ink fountain.

In addition. Kustom Group has developed KB-3164 Gloss Litho OPV for Digital. KB-3164 is a new development in Kustom Group's popular series of Lithomaster overprint varnishes. KB-3164 is formulated to achieve the proper lay and adhesion specifically needed to be successfully applied over digital printing, and provides high gloss and good litho properties.

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Publication:Ink World
Date:Jul 1, 2011
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