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Kurtis Colamonico: "I straight ran back into the house".

So you're not a Huntington local anymore?

Nah, man. I was from Long Beach anyway. I moved down there because I wanted to be with my dad at the time.

Why did you come back to Long Beach?

I couldn't stand the people in HB and the attitude they had; "I'm rich; I'm better than you." Not everybody, but the majority.

So you're a gangster now in Long Beach?

No, I just like it way better. Skate with my boys: Scot Kane, Jason Jones, Aaron Artis, Graham Bickerstaff.

Another nice feature of Long Beach is all the auto theft.

Yeah. Right when I moved here my car got jacked.

The whole car? No. I bought a new truck, put a system in it with a TV, then one night I ran out on the person stealing that shit. Right out of my front yard!

What'd you do?

I ran up to him, I was in my boxers, and then he pulled a gun on me so I straight ran back into the house. Didn't that guy know you were an Untouchable?

I knew who it was. The same dudes started chasing homie with a gun. Then the cops came and arrested the dude. The fool had a bandana on, trying to look all hard--then straight starts bawling like a little bitch. Funniest thing in the world, showed how hard he really was.

I think that's a little less likely to happen in Huntington.

Yeah, but in Huntington you'll have some jock come and try to beat you up for looking at him funny or looking at his cheerleading girlfriend.

Is it a requirement that when you move to Long beach you have to wear bed-sheet sized shirts?

Nah, I just like to wear bigger clothes so I can move around in them. I hate tight clothes, like when you wash a shirt and it feels like a belly shirt.

So your hesh phase is over?

No, I never dressed hesh at all.

I remember a video part in which you had on pretty tight gear and dyed black hair.

That's not hesh. I never wore all black. I only dyed my hair black because I wanted to since I was a kid, because I didn't like my blond hair. But I like it now.

So what's the deal with the wooden planks you currently ride?

Ah man, I don't want to get into that. It's a long story; everything happened at once and got messed up. I'll leave it at that.

If a rad board company came to you and said, "We want you to ride for us but you have to have 'the Hessian Makeover'", would you do it?

Fuck no. That's some bullshit; it don't go down, man. I just want to skate and have fun. If some people don't like you for who you are---it's not your problem. What about if the company said, "We want you to skate big rails."

I don't know. Big rails aren't fun. They're just balls. I'd rather skate ledges, gaps, and maybe like a 10-stair rail. With big rails it's like you're putting your body on the line.

What about when you fly off a big set of stairs, how is that different?

Maybe the rail is an easier way down, but I think the stairs are just more fun.

Who's your favorite pool skater?

Alex Chalmers. He rips pools, and skateparks too. He's good as fuck at everything.

Yeah, he's a good cook too.

He's a super nice guy, and I'm stoked on his skating too.

How are the Webb trucks holding up? Fuck, I never rode that crap.

What does it feel like to be in the same video with not only Quim but also Old Dirty Smolik?

I didn't really know that was going to happen. The Sushi guys were like, "Everyone gave us a lot of footage, so we're going to make a video." It was pretty cool.

What kind of name is Colamonieo?

It's Italian.

Are you sure?

Yeah. My grandpa is half Italian and that's where it came from.

Advice for the haters?

Why? There's no reason to hate.

Do the Untouchables rule the LBC?

I guess. It's just the crew. I'm stoked to be a part of it, and to skate with those guys. Untouchables are tight.
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