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Kuroki, Takemoti (1844-1923).

Japanese general. Principal wars: Restoration War (1868); Satsuma Rebellion (1877); Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895); Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Principal battles: the Yalu, Liaoyang, the Sha Ho (near Shenyang) (1904); Mukden (Shenyang) (1905).

Born in Satsuma fief in southern Kyushu (1844); fought for the Satsuma clan during the Boshin (Restoration) War (January-July 1868); joined the new Imperial army with the rank of captain (1871); as a lieutenant colonel, commanded a regiment during the Satsuma Rebellion (February-September 1877); as lieutenant general, led the 6th Infantry Division during the Sino-Japanese War (August 1894-April 1895); promoted general (1903), he commanded the First Army during the Russo-Japanese War (February 1904-September 1905); landing his forces at Chemulpo (near Seoul) (mid-February 1904), he advanced north and routed a smaller Russian force at the Yalu River (April 30-May 1); led the Japanese left at the battle of Liaoyang, and repulsed a mismanaged Russian attack (August 25-September 3); commanding the Japanese right at the Sha Ho, his First Army again successfully bore the brunt of Kuropatkin's attacks (October 5-17); again commanded the Japanese right wing at Mukden (February 21-March 10, 1905); one of two senior field commanders not rewarded with promotion to field marshal, probably due to clique politics within the army; he retired (1909); created a Count, he served as a privy councillor (1917-1923) until his death in 1923. <BL>

Warner, Denis and Peggy, The Tide at Sunrise: A History of the
     Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905. New York, 1974.


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