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Kurita Handbook of Water Treatment.

When a book has the title, "Handbook", I expect to be able to flip through the pages and stop at random and find something new or interesting. This book was a winner from that point of view. It covers, with reasonable detail, a wide spectrum of topics including some which are controversial today. With the fanatical efforts some people go to with their drinking water, eg. drinking only distilled or deionized water, it was interesting to see the results of some comparisons between Japanese seamen whose ships carried drinking water vs those that carried distilled seawater. (Yes. I live in Toronto and drink the water. After reading this I am glad I do.) Another interesting comparison was made of water quality and humidification. Reading this is a must if you plan to buy a humidifier and do not want white deposits on the face of your TV or monitor picture tube.

It was very refreshing to look at not-just-another water treatment book, but a totally different point of view. While industrial water treatment must be much the same in Japan or North America, it was interesting to read about applications in Japanese industries.

There are some minor problems with translation into English, but these don't detract from the book. On the contrary, they make you feel this book is a friend. When I first saw a copy, the owner would not let his copy out of his sight. I will not either. This book is a must for all those involved in industrial water treatment.
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Author:Silbert, Marvin
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 1993
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