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Five years on, calls continue for justice over killing of Kurdish lawyer. MENEKSE TOKYAY Nov 28, 2020 703
Turkish president denies country has a 'Kurdish issue'. Arab News Nov 26, 2020 763
Erdogan slams jailed Kurdish leader, fuelling scepticism about reform pledge. Reuters News Service Nov 25, 2020 416
Political cracks in Turkish govt. deepen in nationalist's favor. MENEKSE TOKYAY Nov 25, 2020 897
Turkish government's shaky strategy against Kurds goes on. Arab News Nov 21, 2020 795
Could Turkey's Kurdish peace process be back on track? Arab News Nov 17, 2020 892
Erdogan's new appointment could help toward resolving Kurdish conflict. Arab News Nov 12, 2020 943
Kurdish-Iranian family died in crossing, boy still missing. Oct 29, 2020 381
Kurdish-Iranian family who drowned in English Channel crossing named. Arab News Oct 28, 2020 522
Dangerous road ahead as Iraq gripped by militia violence. Talmiz Ahmad Oct 26, 2020 941
Cover-up claims as police face trial over killing of Kurdish lawyer. MENEKSE TOKYAY Oct 21, 2020 680
Turkey withdraws some observation posts from northern Syria. MENEKSE TOKYAY Oct 20, 2020 884
Turkey's Kurdish opera singer inspires Kurds by singing in native tongue. MENEKSE TOKYAY Oct 13, 2020 1225
Why offering help and friendship to the Kurds is the right thing to do; GARY KENT on how the coronavirus crisis has taken Britain's eye off the threats and opportunities offered by Kurdistan. GARY KENT Oct 10, 2020 724
Crackdown on Turkey's pro-Kurdish party raises concerns among opposition. Arab News Oct 9, 2020 952
Kurdish politicians arrested in Turkey. Arab News Oct 4, 2020 428
Turkey hits Kurds in northern Syria with a cruel weapon: water. Rebecca Anne Proctor Oct 4, 2020 1686
Turkey's new military deployment in Idlib puts spotlight on Syria. Menekse Tokyay Oct 3, 2020 840
Mothers as the middle-ground between the Mountain and the State. Cetinkaya, Hasret Oct 1, 2020 9743
Italian defense minister, Iraqi Kurds hold talks. Francesco Bongarra Sep 30, 2020 400
Fresh allegations about mistreatment of Kurds in Turkey. Arab News Sep 29, 2020 820
I still cry for Banaz. Her pain is unimaginable; Keeley Hawes on playing the top cop in the real-life tale of Iraqi Kurdish girl murdered by her family for falling in love. WORDS TRICIA MARTIN Sep 26, 2020 682
Turkey to arrest 82 including mayor over pro-Kurdish protests. Arab News Sep 25, 2020 313
Turkey orders 82 arrests, including Kurdish opposition members, over 2014 protests. Reuters News Service Sep 25, 2020 367
Turkish man 'confesses' to Austrian authorities about plot to kill Kurdish politician. Arab News Sep 24, 2020 222
Syria's many circles of hell. Jonathan Gorvett - CM Correspondent Sep 12, 2020 1278
Turkish court sentences pro-Kurdish MP to jail on terrorism charges. Lara Benjamin Sep 11, 2020 304
Timing of Barzani's visit to Turkey is telling, experts say. MENEKSE TOKYAY Sep 7, 2020 728
Death of Kurdish lawyer on hunger strike sparks outcry. Arab News Aug 28, 2020 558
Intensifying Turkish war against Kurds marks Treaty of Sevres centenary. David Romano Aug 23, 2020 1290
Egypt condemns Turkish strike on Iraq's Kurdish region killing three. Daily News Egypt Aug 12, 2020 288
US concerned over Turkey-backed fighters in Syria, human rights abuses. Egypt Today staff Aug 7, 2020 475
How will Ankara react to oil deal with Syrian Kurds? MENEKSE TOKYAY Aug 1, 2020 893
Turkey bans writing of university dissertations in Kurdish. Arab News Jul 31, 2020 758
Kurdish political deal a major setback for Turkey. Yasar Yakis Jul 12, 2020 899
Terrorism charges dropped against three Brit volunteers who fought against ISIS; Daniel Burke, 33, father and son Paul and Samuel Newey had all faced years behind bars for helping the Kurds in their war against ISIS if convicted -the charges have been dropped on Friday. By, Danya Bazaraa Jul 3, 2020 346
Iraq Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi under pressure to start delivering. Talmiz Ahmad Jun 24, 2020 955
How Syrian 'annexations' will come back to haunt Erdogan. Baria Alamuddin Jun 21, 2020 1094
With assault on Iraq, Turkey and Iran cement partnership in crime. David Romano Jun 21, 2020 1331
Turkish court orders release of Kurdish opposition leader. Arab News Jun 20, 2020 770
Turkish court rules Kurdish leader's jailing violated rights. Reuters News Service Jun 19, 2020 374
Turkey plans more military bases in north Iraq after offensive. Reuters News Service Jun 18, 2020 373
HDP march in Turkey underway amid tough police presence. Arab News Jun 17, 2020 536
Changes afoot for Middle East's Kurds. Yasar Yakis Jun 14, 2020 860
Turkish politics split over pro-Kurdish party. Arab News Jun 11, 2020 885
Turkish military visit raises fears of Syrian operation. Arab News Jun 6, 2020 506
Turkey jails three MPs stripped of parliamentary status. Reuters News Service Jun 5, 2020 344
Crackdown on Turkish opposition accelerates: Sign of a snap election? Arab News Jun 5, 2020 586
Turkey's Kurds demand spending probe, end to military ops in Libya, Syria. Arab News Jun 2, 2020 437
Safeguarding Religious Freedom in Northeast Syria. Rubin, Michael Jun 1, 2020 3623
Russian mediation reopens major highway in NE Syria. APReuters May 26, 2020 404
Turkey ousts mayors from office. ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTER May 16, 2020 320
How Turkey's courts turned on Erdogan's foes. Reuters News Service May 13, 2020 2342
French-Kurdish talks in northeast Syria likely to anger Turkey. Arab News May 6, 2020 661
Conflict as usual in Syria despite coronavirus. Talmiz Ahmad May 3, 2020 1014
Turkish military restrains troop movement. MENEKSE TOKYAY Apr 7, 2020 659
Erdogan 'risks lives' blocking water supply to Kurds. Arab News Apr 2, 2020 355
Helmets optional: Iraq's unlikely biker gang. Milner, Dan Apr 1, 2020 587
Erdogan's Syria plan unlikely to bear fruit. Yasar Yakis Mar 29, 2020 854
Turkey detains 5 more Kurdish mayors over terror-link accusations. Arab News Mar 24, 2020 388
A Kurdish Experiment in Decentralized Governance: The Kurds of Northern Syria are trying something different, for better or worse. Petti, Matthew Mar 14, 2020 1476
Erdogan, Putin and the beginning of the endgame in Syria. Hafed Al-Ghwell Mar 7, 2020 994
Israel, Turkey, and the Kurds. Zeevi, Dror Feb 25, 2020 165
MIND OF POISON; THE SHISHA BAR MASSACRES: RACIST BEHIND ATROCITIES >>>>Gunman raged about wiping out whole nations >>>>Five Turkish nationals and Kurds among victims. CHRIS HUGHES and TOM PARRY in Hanau, Germany Feb 21, 2020 848
MIND OF POISON; THE SHISHA BAR MASSACRES: RACIST BEHIND ATROCITIES; Gunman raged about wiping out whole nations; Five Turkish nationals and Kurds among victims. CHRIS HUGHES in London and TOM PARRY in Hanau, Germany Feb 21, 2020 857
MIND OF POISON; THE SHISHA BAR MASSACRES: RACIST BEHIND ATROCITIES; Gunman raged about wiping out whole nations; Five Turkish nationals and Kurds among victims. CHRIS HUGHES in London and TOM PARRY in Hanau, Germany Feb 21, 2020 893
MIND OF POISON; THE SHISHA BAR MASSACRES: RACIST BEHIND ATROCITIES; Gunman raged about wiping out whole nations; Five Turkish nationals and Kurds among victims. CHRIS HUGHES in London and TOM PARRY in Hanau, Germany Feb 21, 2020 870
Turkish, Iranian media outlets exchange blows on Syria. Arab News Feb 19, 2020 602
Turkey's role in Syria hampers peace efforts. Christiane Waked (Regional Mix) Feb 8, 2020 717
Speaker Of Kurdistan Parliament Stresses The Need For The Kurds To Participate Effectively In The Political Decision In Iraq. Jan 28, 2020 195
The Kurdish Parties In Kirkuk Send A Memo To The KRG And Baghdad Regarding The Disputed Areas. Jan 28, 2020 174
Syrian Kurds ready for dialogue with Turkey, says SDF chief. Arab News Jan 27, 2020 701
The Kurdish parties in Kirkuk discuss the latest developments in the province. Jan 27, 2020 127
The German Army Resumes Training Kurdish Fighters In Northern Iraq. Jan 26, 2020 222
Parliament's Session Turns Into Deliberation And Clear Absence For Kurdish MPs. Jan 22, 2020 108
Erdogan harassing pro-Kurdish party members to gain Turkish nationalists' votes: Exiled professor. ANI Jan 17, 2020 855
Syria Dismisses Claims on Cooperation with Turkey against Kurdish Militias. Jan 16, 2020 331
Syriac monk in Turkey jailed on terror charges. Arab News Jan 12, 2020 428
Abdul Mahdi In Erbil To Discuss Current Crises In Iraq With Senior Kurdish Officials. Jan 11, 2020 220
Kurdish security forces take up positions between Diyala and Sulaymaniyah. Jan 10, 2020 113
Pompeo briefs Kurdish leader about Iran's missile attacks on US bases in Iraq. ANI Jan 8, 2020 345
Syria fighting looms over Putin-Erdogan meeting. MENEKSE TOKYAY Jan 5, 2020 539
In Today's Session .... The Kurdish MPs Are Absent And A Weak Presence Of Sunni MPs. Jan 5, 2020 104
Vian Sabri Denies Linking Kurdish Vote On Any Law To The Region's Share Of The Budget. Jan 5, 2020 153
Middle Eastern Women between Oppression and Resistance: Case Studies of Iraqi, Palestinian and Kurdish Women of Turkey. Khodary, Yasmin; Salah, Noha; Mohsen, Nada Case study Jan 1, 2020 12598
Kurds quest for statehood. Akbar Jan Marwat Dec 30, 2019 851
Scots-backed arms firms accused after 200 Kurdish civilians die in two months; Scots ministers under renewed pressure over cash to arms firms. Billy Briggs Dec 29, 2019 978
Kurdish security forces adopt the security belts strategy to secure the borders between Diyala and Sulaymaniyah. Dec 27, 2019 140
A Former Kurdish MP: The New Election Law Stands Against The Regional Power Parties. Dec 26, 2019 214
Middle East events portend continued suffering for Kurds. David Romano Dec 25, 2019 1271
Turkey claims Kurdish-led forces have not left Syrian border. Dec 24, 2019 223
A Turkmen Politician Rules Out Handing Kirkuk Over To The Kurds In Exchange For Supporting The Construction's Candidate For PM. Dec 24, 2019 124
Kurdish Blocs: We did not vote on the Law of Elections for the Parliament. Dec 24, 2019 374
Zeki SARIGIL, Ethnic Boundaries in Turkish Politics: The Secular Kurdish Movement and Islam. Al, Serhun Dec 22, 2019 1389
#KTinSyria: Analysing the threat after ceasefire. Anjana Sankar Dec 21, 2019 2482
Kurdish leader says Turkey pursuing socio-political genocide against Kurds. ANI Dec 21, 2019 742
Fourth man charged over alleged murder of Kurdish sniper Hemwand Ali Hussain in Hartlepool; Hemwand Ali Hussain was found dead at a house on Charterhouse Street in Hartlepool in September. Michael Marsh Dec 21, 2019 139
Turkey detains pro-Kurdish mayor on suspected terrorism links. Reuters News Service Dec 20, 2019 287
Fateh Alliance: The Kurds And Iraqi Forces Alliance Objected To The Multiple Constituencies Behind The Postponement Of The Vote On The Electoral Law. Dec 19, 2019 177
#KTinSyria: Analysing the threat after ceasefire. Anjana Sankar Dec 18, 2019 1651
Kurdish Change Movement and Democratic Party affirm the necessity of forming a Kurdish Alliance in Baghdad. Dec 18, 2019 147
Barzani Holds An Extensive Meeting With Kurdish Parties To Discuss The Successor Of Abdul Mahdi. Dec 16, 2019 129
Esper: US Never Promised Kurds Assistance in Establishing Autonomous State in Syria. Dec 14, 2019 241
Daesh and the false dawn of Kurdish statehood. Omer Taspinar Dec 12, 2019 1061
Comments on Baltic defense were meant to highlight Turkey's own defense interests - Pabriks. Dec 11, 2019 490
Erdogan says Turkey aims to settle 1 million refugees in Syria offensive area. Dec 10, 2019 361
Kurdish MP Accuses Members Of The KDP Of Killing Protesters In The Region. Dec 9, 2019 217
Kurdish Security Reinforcements to Secure the Border Areas Between Diyala and Sulaymaniyah. Dec 6, 2019 152
Erdogan in NATO climbdown over Kurds. Menekse Tokyay Dec 5, 2019 395
First Kurdish TV channel Rudaw launches in UK. Staff Reporter Dec 4, 2019 218
8 Children Among 11 Killed in Turkish Shelling on Syria's Aleppo. Dec 3, 2019 297
Kurdish leader sent back to prison despite health fears. Arab News Dec 3, 2019 568
Turkey to oppose NATO plan if it fails to recognise terrorism threats -Erdogan. Reuters News Service Dec 3, 2019 347
Thirty killed across Syria as violence rages. Dec 3, 2019 780
Iraq protests sparking fear among Kurds. Burcu Ozcelik Dec 3, 2019 955
Member Of The Kurdish Negotiating Delegation: Meetings With The Federal Government Are Going Well. Dec 2, 2019 120
Tehran is apoplectic over Turks in Syria. Nov 29, 2019 404
France to summon Turkish envoy over anti-Macron "insults". Nov 29, 2019 325
Turkey 'may stall NATO defense plan over Syria dispute'. MENEKSE TOKYAY Nov 29, 2019 689
Turkey Refusing to Sign NATO Defense Plan for Baltics, Pressing Alliance to Label Syria's Kurds as 'Terrorists'. Nov 27, 2019 472
Turkey must halt Syrian rebel abuses, Human Rights Watch says. Reuters News Service Nov 27, 2019 350
Russia warns Syrian Kurds to adhere to withdrawal agreement. Nov 27, 2019 175
Turkey holds up Nato military plans over Syria dispute. Nick Theodoulou Nov 26, 2019 542
Russia urges Kurds in Syria to honor promises withing ceasefire MoU. Nov 26, 2019 116
US looking to 'build bridges' with Kurds; PENCE VISITS IRAQ FOR MEETING. Nov 25, 2019 194
US looking to 'build bridges' with Kurds; PENCE VISITS IRAQ FOR MEETING. Nov 25, 2019 198
US looking to 'build bridges' with Kurds; PENCE VISITS IRAQ FOR MEETING. Nov 25, 2019 198
US looking to 'build bridges' with Kurds; PENCE VISITS IRAQ FOR MEETING. Nov 25, 2019 198
US looking to 'build bridges' with Kurds; PENCE VISITS IRAQ FOR MEETING. Nov 25, 2019 198
The Kurdish Delegation: We Have Made Good Progress In Our Talks With The Federal Govt. Nov 25, 2019 165
VP meets Iraqi Kurds in surprise trip. Zeke Miller Associated Press Nov 24, 2019 386
Pence Tells Iraqi Kurdish Leader Trump Has Their Backs Weeks After Hasty US Retreat in Syria. Nov 24, 2019 429
SDF Source: Syrian Army, Kurdish Forces in Full Control over Ain Issa. Nov 24, 2019 379
Kurdish MP: Kurdistan And Baghdad Are Close To Final Agreement. Nov 24, 2019 190
A Kurdish Government Delegation Visits Baghdad Today To Discuss The Region's Share In The Public Budget. Nov 23, 2019 200
Kurdish Government Delegation Arrives In Baghdad. Nov 23, 2019 204
Car bomb kills at least 10 people near Syria's border with Turkey. Reuters News Service Nov 23, 2019 337
Free haircuts on offer from Kurdish Jimmy. STUART MCFARLANE Nov 22, 2019 333
Turkish incursion in Syria facilitated ISIS reconstruction: Pentagon. Taha Sakr Nov 22, 2019 403
Turkey remains vital. Nov 22, 2019 648
US impeding peace talks between Syrian Kurds and gov't: Lavrov. Nov 21, 2019 217
Kurdish security forces to withdraw from Manbij, Syrian Army to take over: Al-Watan. Nov 21, 2019 195
Nechirvan Barzani: Solving the Kurdish issue is an important part of achieving peace in the region. Nov 20, 2019 318
Syrian outlook uncertain despite Erdogan's US triumph. Talmiz Ahmad Nov 20, 2019 977
Turkish Foreign Minister warns of resuming Syrian offensive if deal on Kurdish pullout is not fulfilled. ANI Nov 19, 2019 323
What Now in SYRIA? How President Trump s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria has upended that nation's brutal civil war--and what it means for the U.S. Smith, Patricia Nov 18, 2019 1821
Turn Away "Our" ISIS Fighters AND KURDISH "REFUGEES": The Deep State thought-cartel commands the United States and EU to accept back terrorists who went to fight for ISIS, and also welcome hundreds of thousands of Kurdish "refugees.". Jasper, William F. Nov 18, 2019 1298
Syrian Kurds call on Assad to enter new peace talks. Nov 17, 2019 202
Turkey accuses Kurdish militants of releasing 800 IS members. Nov 17, 2019 202
Russia's new base in Qamishli is a message. But for whom? MENEKSE TOKYAY Nov 16, 2019 853
Turkey replaces four more Kurdish mayors over alleged terror links. Nov 16, 2019 254
Kurdish singer Nouri: 'I want to be the greatest'. Conor Purcell Nov 15, 2019 1100
Turkey's Erdogan called out for endangering 'US national security'. Arnab Neil SenguptaPaul Iddon Nov 13, 2019 1245
Turkey Offered $100 Billion US Trade Deal. Marcy Kreiter Nov 13, 2019 471
3 bomb blasts kill 7 in northeast Syrian town near Turkey border. ANI Nov 12, 2019 472
Turkish military opens fire on Kurdish protesters in northern Syria: video. Nov 12, 2019 121
Boy, 10, delivers chilling death threat in squalid camp filled with ISIS brides; ISIS brides and their children are being kept in al Hol prison in north east Syria where Kurdish security forces are trying to keep control following the invasion of Turksh forces. By, Milo Boyd Nov 11, 2019 438
Erdogan, Putin discuss Syria over phone. ANI Nov 10, 2019 283
Eight killed in bombing in Turkish-controlled northeast Syria. Reuters News Service Nov 10, 2019 329
President Obama betrayed the Kurds. Nov 10, 2019 102
Erdogan: Turkey will not leave Syria until others do. Nov 9, 2019 515
Kurds demand EU to get tougher with Turkey, or face IS. Egypt Today staff Nov 9, 2019 389
Europe, Turkey and a ticking time bomb. Hafed Al-Ghwell Nov 9, 2019 1242
US Diplomat Says US Did Not Do Enough To Prevent Turkey's Invasion. Marcy Kreiter Nov 8, 2019 612
Pentagon: Revenue from Syrian oil will go to Kurdish SDF, not US. Nov 8, 2019 113
Syrian Armenians seek safety in Russian-Turkish agreement. Nov 7, 2019 482
Israel Aiding Syria's Kurds, Advocating for Them with U.S. Nov 7, 2019 341
Israel Admits Aiding Kurdish Militants in Syria. Nov 7, 2019 372
Erdogan says U.S. not fulfilling Syria deal... Reuters News Service Nov 7, 2019 775
Syrian offensive: Who did the Americans really betray? Nov 6, 2019 709
Erdogan Accuses US of Failure to Ensure Kurdish Troops' Withdrawal from Northern Syria. Nov 6, 2019 221
Turkey Refutes Reports of Strikes on US-Led Coalition Forces in Syria. Nov 4, 2019 368
Kurdish man arrested crossing to the north, accused of being PYD member. Evie Andreou Nov 4, 2019 181
What can happen to a US ally. Nov 4, 2019 836
Turkey begins joint patrols win Russia in northern Syria. Nov 3, 2019 826
At Least 13 Dead In Car Bomb In Syrian Border Town. AFP News Nov 3, 2019 708
Kurdish Militias Voice Readiness to Negotiate with Damascus Gov't. Nov 3, 2019 262
Turkey at risk of becoming bogged down in Syria. Yasar Yakis Nov 3, 2019 891
Turkey thanks Qatar for supporting Syria invasion. Arab News Nov 3, 2019 340
'Syria solution benefits all countries in the region'. Andrestinos Papadopoulos Nov 2, 2019 937
Turkey, Russia Launch Joint Patrols In Northern Syria. AFP News Nov 2, 2019 681
Iraqi Kurds Boycott Turkish Goods After Syria Assault. AFP News Nov 2, 2019 702
Turkey, Russia launch joint patrols in northern Syria. Nov 1, 2019 576
Assad warns of war if political means fail to secure Turkey's pullout from northern Syria. ANI Nov 1, 2019 351
Turkey Begins Joint Patrols With Russia In Northern Syria. AFP News Nov 1, 2019 765
Iraqi Kurds Boycott Turkish Goods After Syria Assault. AFP News Nov 1, 2019 734
Leverage over Turkey is Russia's dream come true. Dr. Theodore Karasik Nov 1, 2019 1084
The Kurds in a Changing Middle East: History, Politics and Representation (reprint, 2015). Brief article Nov 1, 2019 138
Trump's Syria withdrawal could spark Iran-Israel war. Rubin, Michael Nov 1, 2019 1045
What is Turkey really after in Syria? Hunter, Shireen T. Nov 1, 2019 1314
Turkey-Russia Joint Patrols In Syria To Start Friday: Erdogan. AFP News Oct 31, 2019 386
Damascus Urges Kurdish Fighters to Join Syrian Army, Security Forces. Oct 31, 2019 285
'Best Bad Option': Syria Kurds Brace For Regime Return. AFP News Oct 31, 2019 715
Why Turkey Took the Fight to Syria. H.E. Mr. Mevlut Cavusoglu Oct 31, 2019 1196
Syrian And Turkish Armies In Deadly Border Clash. AFP News Oct 30, 2019 764
Total of 34,000 Kurdish Militants Withdrawn from Contact Line with Turkish Troops in Syria. Oct 30, 2019 331
US House approves Turkey sanctions in rare bipartisan rebuke of Trump. MENA Oct 30, 2019 279
How can Turkey still be in denial over the Armenian genocide. CM Reader's View Oct 30, 2019 183
Joy In Armenia, Fury In Turkey As US House Recognizes 'Genocide'. AFP News Oct 30, 2019 632
Russia completes removal of Syrian Kurds to 30km behind Turkey borders. Oct 29, 2019 138
Russia tells Turkey Kurdish fighters have left NE Syrian border area -- Erdogan. Reuters News Service Oct 29, 2019 649
Syria Kurds say took DNA sample from Baghdadi underwear. Oct 29, 2019 330
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO I.S. CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO I.S. CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO I.S. CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Turkey says Kurdish YPG still in Syria border area as deadline looms. CyprusMail Oct 29, 2019 487
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO I.S. CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO I.S. CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Kurdish forces say they killed IS close aide; SYRIA. Oct 29, 2019 240
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO I.S. CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO IS CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Kurdish forces 'kill aide to al-Baghdadi' FURTHER BLOW TO I.S. CLAIMED. Oct 29, 2019 215
Damascus Back in Control over Vast Regions at Syrian-Turkish Border. Oct 29, 2019 567
Russia: Pullout of Kurdish Militias from Safe Zone in Northeastern Syria Completed Ahead of Schedule. Oct 29, 2019 237
Turkey's Syrian invasion should be stopped. Christiane Waked Oct 29, 2019 563
Kurds fully withdrawn from safe zone near border: Moscow. Oct 29, 2019 117
Bursting At The Seams: Inside An IS Prison In Syria. AFP News Oct 29, 2019 1103
In A Kurdish Prison, Former IS Fighters Never See The Sun. AFP News Oct 29, 2019 372
Syrian And Turkish Armies In Deadly Border Clash. AFP News Oct 29, 2019 663
Syria Welcomes Kurds' Withdrawal from Areas Near Turkey. Oct 28, 2019 558
Syrian Army Takes Control of Vast Parts of Aleppo-Hasaka Highway. Oct 28, 2019 728
Pro-Turkish fighters clash with Kurdish SDF, breaking cease fire agreement in Syria. Bassant Mohammed Oct 28, 2019 372
Rights group calls on Turkey to stop deporting Syrians to war-torn country. Arab News Oct 27, 2019 733
Over 2,000 Syrian soldiers deployed on key road in northern Syria: monitor. Xinhua Oct 27, 2019 318
Kurds' paradigm shift in northern Syrian scenario. Yasar Yakis Oct 27, 2019 957
European nations sidelined on Syrian security. Cornelia Meyer Oct 27, 2019 891
Turkey faces dilemma over Kurd plan. MENEKSE TOKAY Oct 26, 2019 613
NGOs Claim Turkey Forcibly Deported Refugees To Syria. AFP News Oct 26, 2019 518
Moscow, Damascus Deploy Forces To Syria-Turkey Border. AFP News Oct 26, 2019 786
Turkey will clear Syria border area of Kurdish fighters if Russia fails to act -Erdogan. Reuters News Service Oct 26, 2019 642
Erdogan Says Will Clear 'Terrorists' From Syria Border If Sochi Deal Fails. AFP News Oct 26, 2019 548
Russian, Syrian forces to remove Kurdish YPG from northeast under Ankara-Moscow deal. Oct 25, 2019 388
Kurds in trouble! M A KHAN - Islamabad Oct 25, 2019 191
US To Boost Troops Protecting Syrian Oil As Kurds Start Pullback. AFP News Oct 25, 2019 675
Security Council: UN welcomes efforts to de-escalate crisis in northeast Syria. Oct 25, 2019 482
Syrian refugees reach 10,000 and still rising - Kurdish gov. Oct 25, 2019 314
Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of violations, Russia says peace plan on track. Oct 25, 2019 467
Syria Army Repels Turkish-Backed Militants After Moscow-Ankara Deal. Oct 25, 2019 817
Erdogan files complaint against French magazine over ethnic cleansing comment. Reuters News Service Oct 25, 2019 461
The reason behind Turkey's 'safe zone' in Syria. Celal Cahit Agar & Steffen BE[micro]hm Oct 25, 2019 341
More Russian military police arrive in Syria under peace deal with Turkey. Reuters News Service Oct 25, 2019 750
US-Kurdish alliance dies in game of Russian roulette. Sinem Cengiz Oct 25, 2019 690
Moscow, Damascus Deploy Forces To Syria-Turkey Border. AFP News Oct 25, 2019 770
Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey, says cease-fire permanent. Associated Press Oct 24, 2019 587
NATO Hammers Turkey On Syria Operation. AFP News Oct 24, 2019 549
Kurdish Forces Start Syria-Turkey Border Pullback. AFP News Oct 24, 2019 750
Turkey: no need to continue the military operation in Syria. Bassant Mohammed Oct 24, 2019 375
Paradigm Shift / It Is the American tradition to betray the Kurds. Oct 24, 2019 2103
Kurdish Children are Being Treated at Israeli Hospital. Oct 24, 2019 665
US accuses Turkey of war crimes in Syria. Arab News Oct 24, 2019 358
US sanctions on Turkey to be lifted, says Trump. ANI Oct 24, 2019 214
Russian forces start Syria border patrols; KREMLIN TELLS KURDS TO RETREAT. Oct 24, 2019 182
Russian forces start Syria border patrols; KREMLIN TELLS KURDS TO RETREAT. Oct 24, 2019 182
Russian forces start Syria border patrols; KREMLIN TELLS KURDS TO RETREAT. Oct 24, 2019 182
Trump Lifts Turkey Sanctions, Quits 'Blood-stained' Syria. AFP News Oct 24, 2019 910
Russian forces start Syria border patrols; KREMLIN TELLS KURDS TO RETREAT. Oct 24, 2019 182
Trump: Fighting over Syria: Iraq objects to U.S. troops being moved there. DeYoung, By Karen; Cunningham, Erin; Post, Kareem Fahim The Washington Oct 24, 2019 1496
Turkey's Syrian offensive? Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi Oct 24, 2019 1152
Russian forces start Syria border patrols; KREMLIN TELLS KURDS TO RETREAT. Oct 24, 2019 182
Russia deploys forces to Syria following deal; Offensive: Kurds warned by Kremlin. SUZAN FRASER Oct 24, 2019 297
Russian forces start Syria border patrols; KREMLIN TELLS KURDS TO RETREAT. Oct 24, 2019 178
Russian forces start Syria border patrols; KREMLIN TELLS KURDS TO RETREAT. Oct 24, 2019 182
U.S. senators want expedited visa for Kurdish commander. Oct 24, 2019 160
Turkey Syria offensive: Erdogan and Putin strike deal over Kurds. Oct 23, 2019 348
In Praise of Kurdish Women. Tishby, Noa Oct 23, 2019 143
Turkey, Russia Agree To Control North-East Syria As Kurds Forced Out. Oct 23, 2019 865
Russian Forces Patrol Syrian-Turkish Border. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 779
Trump Lifts Turkey Sanctions, Says Kurds 'Thankful'. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 704
Trump: 'Let Someone Else Fight Over This Long Blood-Stained Land'. Marcy Kreiter Oct 23, 2019 526
The Winners And Losers After Syria Deals. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 543
More Than 100 Islamic State Prisoners Have Escaped In Syria: US Envoy. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 502
Trump Hails 'Big Success' With Safe Zone At Turkey-Syria Border. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 210
In Iraqi Refuge, Syrian Kurds Curse Trump And Erdogan. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 495
Russia-Turkey Deal Shatters Syria Kurd Dreams Of Self-rule. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 756
Trump: Turkey's ceasefire in Syria permanent, sanctions lifted. Reuters News Service Oct 23, 2019 430
Russia, Turkey make deal to put forces along Syrian border. Suzan Fraser and Vladimir Isachenkov Associated Press Oct 23, 2019 321
More Than 100 ISIS Fighters Escape In Syria, America Does Not Know Where Are They. Oct 23, 2019 226
Turkey, Russia to jointly push back Kurdish fighters along Turkey's border in northern Syria. ANI Oct 23, 2019 537
Iraqi Kurds Turn To Zoroastrianism As Faith, Identity Entwine. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 682
Russia, Turkey Reach 'Historic' Deal On Syria Border. AFP News Oct 23, 2019 755
Turkey Says 'No Need to Start New Syria Offensive' After Erdogan-Putin Talks. Oct 23, 2019 417
Russia accuses US of abandoning Kurdish forces in Syria. ANI Oct 23, 2019 302
Debate: MEPs call for measures against Turkey following military operation in Syria. Oct 23, 2019 675
EU lawmakers reject Turkey's 'safe zone' in Syria, eye sanctions steps. Reuters News Service Oct 23, 2019 674
Turkey announces end of offensive on Syria. MENA Oct 23, 2019 172
Kurdish forces ambush Turkish-backed militants in northern Aleppo. Oct 23, 2019 160
Why Is Turkey Attacking Its Neighbor? P., Aaditi Oct 22, 2019 597
Kurdish people deserve a permanent home. Oct 22, 2019 452
Erdogan Hails 'Historic Agreement' With Putin Over Syria. AFP News Oct 22, 2019 313
Pompeo Says Too Early To Judge Syria Success. AFP News Oct 22, 2019 248
In Russia For Talks, Erdogan Threatens To Restart Syria Offensive. AFP News Oct 22, 2019 677
Syrian Kurdish forces tell US they met truce obligations. Reuters News Service Oct 22, 2019 799
Turkey, Russia strike deal to remove Syrian Kurdish YPG, launch joint patrols. Reuters News Service Oct 22, 2019 342
Russia agrees with Turkey to extract Kurdish fighters from north Syria. Oct 22, 2019 104
US troops withdraw from Syria and cross into Iraq, Kurdish SDF withdraws from Ras Al Ain. Bassant Mohammed Oct 22, 2019 353
A Turkmen Leader: Cancelling The Participation Of 60 Thousand Kurdish Voters In Upcoming Kirkuk Elections Needs Political Consensus. Oct 22, 2019 189
Turkey's Kurdish obsession could be a clash of two identities. Amir Taheri /Geopolitix Oct 22, 2019 1022
Ditch Kurds, Grab Oil? Trump Says US 'Never Committed' to Syrian Allies, But SecDef Says Washington Still Committed to Oil. Oct 22, 2019 557
Four more pro-Kurdish mayors ousted by Erdogan. Reuters News Service Oct 22, 2019 364

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