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Kurds and al-Hadba meet to solve problems.

Summary: Kurds remain steadfast in not making concessions.

As Iraqi political coalitions work hard to form the next government, the nationalist Sunni Arab al-Hadba in Ninewa province changes its tone toward Kurds.Last week, the Kurdish Brotherhood and Arab al-Hadba lists in Ninewa province met in Istanbul in an effort to solve tensions between the two. The meeting was part of a mediation effort by the United States.Kurds and Arabs are at odds in Ninewa province because al-Hadba rejects sharing power with Kurds-even as Kurds compose one-third of the population in the province. Also, Kurds want to annex the Kurdish areas in Ninewa into Kurdistan Region, which Arabs strongly reject.The head of the Kurdish Brotherhood List, Khasro Goran, said that "the Al-Hadba list wants to solve the existing problems, and we are ready." Goran told news agencies that they were invited by "American friends," but that this doesn't mean the Kurds will make concessions. "Our condition is that we participate in the power."He said his list will not give up on Article 140, which says a referendum and census should be carried out in mixed Arab-Kurdish regions to decide if they will join Kurdistan Region or remain under the authority of the Iraqi government. Nujaifi's Al-Hadba list fiercely opposes Article 140.The Kurdish MP in Iraqi Parliament, Mahma Khalil, said that A1/2negotiating with al-Hadba is very difficult because al-Hadba works according to outside agendas.e Al-Hadba is part of al-Iraqiya Coalition led by Iyad Allawi, which narrowly won Iraq's national election. Since the victory, al-Hadba has changed its tone toward Kurds, insisting they want Kurds to join them in forming the next Iraqi government.A1/2The problem between al-Hadba and the Kurdish Brotherhood List must be solved,e said Osama Nujaifi, a leader of al-Hadba and member of Iraqi Parliament. Nujaifi added that A1/2the Iraqi government cannot be formed without Kurds.eAccording to initial results, no progress has been made on the meeting. In an interview with "Azzaman" newspaper, Ninewa Governor and head of Hadba Atheel al-Nujaifi remarked that Kurds will fail in their bid to grab more land and add it to their semi-independent enclave. "All the blocs have identical stands vis-Ea-vis Kurdish demands. No bloc is willing to give them absolute guarantees," Nujaifi said. He said there was "not even a possibility for these blocs to have those demands under discussion. Therefore, they [the Kurds] are going to lose."

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Publication:The Kurdish Globe (Erbil, Iraq)
Date:Apr 3, 2010
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