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Kuraray Develops Emission-controlling Film for Use in LED Lamps.

Tokyo, Apr 12, 2014 - (JCN) - Kuraray Co., Ltd. has developed a micropatterned film that can be used in such devices as LED lamps, and used to produce a myriad of colors and effects when used in conjunction with conventional point-source LEDs.

The film, called LEGENDA, has potential for applications in fields ranging from sophisticated designer lamps to toys and entertainment devices, which often demand particularly eye-catching visual properties.

Kuraray first developed metal stampers using its own proprietary mastering technology, then developed a method of applying a UV-curable resin to the surface of a substrate film with the resultant film being simultaneously cured and stamped with intricate micropatterns to produce a unique light-shaping film.

Minute patterns featuring uniform hemispheres, tetrahedrons, square pyramids, ellipsoids, cylinders and other shapes can be created with micron-level precision.

By placing the film in front of an LED, a variety of effects can be achieved as the film refracts, reflects, scatters or diffracts the light, depending on the micropattern used.

Roller-type stampers are used to allow the continuous manufacture of light-shaping film, increasing productivity.

Illustrations of diffusion patterns possible with single LED point sources. Film with micropatterned cylinders (left) and tetrahedrons (right)

By simply switching the film mounted in front of it, the light from the same point-source LED can be diffused or refracted to create linear effects or such geometric patterns as crosses.

Such effects are possible even when the film is as close as one centimeter from the LED.

The film allows even white LEDs to produce red, green and blue wavelengths at the same time. Eye-catching displays are also possible with diffusion patterns.

Because the film can be curved or configured into three-dimensional shapes without distorting the micropatterns, it facilitates the creation of unique and sophisticated lamp designs.

Because the light that passes through a film does not necessarily appear as an individual point, the number of individual LEDs used in a single lamp can be reduced, which contributes to the more efficient use of electric power while also reducing costs.

The film is expected to be extremely useful for such applications as LED diffusion plates, given its ability to evenly diffuse light in all directions.

Possible applications include Specialty lighting for Exhibitions and ambient lighting at conference halls or inside stores, Display lighting for such devices as toys, game consoles and watches, Backlighting for signboards, and other General lighting Direct LED backlighting.

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
Date:May 11, 2014
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