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Kunststoffe 1992.

From October 29 to November 5, the Dusseldorf Fairgrounds in Dusseldorf, Germany, will again be the site of the plastics and rubber goods industries' largest international event. An aggregate of 2160 firms from 40 nations will exhibit their products and services at Kunststoffe (K) '92, the 12th International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber. Seventy-nine companies from the U.S. are among the firms participating in the exposition, which has been divided into four categories: raw and auxiliary materials; semifinished products, technical parts, and reinforced plastics; machinery and molds; and services.

This year, a desire to emphasize quality over quantity has led organizers of the fair to reduce the range of goods to be exhibited at the show, which will extend through 15 exhibit halls and cover more than 1,420,000 f|t.sup.2~ of exhibit space. Finished products such as consumer goods, packaging, and building materials--all of which had previously been displayed in the "plastics processing" category--will no longer be displayed. Items such as headless screws, cylinders, hydraulic components, temperature regulators, and heat exchangers--all of which had previously been shown as individual items in the "mechanical engineering and tools" category--will now be displayed as parts of machines or plants, rather than as separate units.

Because they often overlap with categories found in other specialized trade fairs, many products having general application outside the plastics industry have been eliminated from the exhibit. Among them are machinery for measurement and control technologies, printing machinery, and peripheral equipment such as silos, coolers, and pumps.

A wide range of thermoplastics, TPEs, thermosets, foams and intermediates, and coating compounds are among the materials to be displayed in the raw materials and auxiliaries category (Group 1), which will also feature adhesives and glues, paint resins, additives, fillers, and reinforcing fibers. The semifinished products, technical parts, and reinforced plastics category (Group 2) will comprise items such as air springs, clock and watch parts, containers, data processing equipment, and semifinished products of polycarbonates, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyvinyl chloride.

The machinery and molds category (Group 3) will highlight machinery for extrusion, injection and blow molding, compression and transfer molding, and production of foamed parts, and various post finishing, post processing, and welding machines. It will also contain machines and equipment for compounding and recycling. Exhibitors in the services category (Group 4) will be promoting information on plastics and rubber trade associations; services for leasing, subcontracted processing, and recycling advice; and a vast array of professional literature, including periodicals, technical books, directories, and dictionaries.

In booth number 61A02, the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) will be exhibiting information regarding its conferences, seminars, and membership services, plus samples of its technical publications. The booth is located in Hall 6, in the northwest corner of the fairgrounds. Attendees are invited to visit the booth and meet SPE officers and staff members.

For the first time, a "Recycling Center" will present an overview of current recycling procedures. Besides offering information on alternative recycling techniques such as chemical recycling and energy recovery, the Center will feature demonstrations of methods for recycling various plastics. The Center is organized by the European Plastics Industry and the Dusseldorf Trade Fair Co., and will be housed in three outdoor pavilions.

To date, 54%--or 1166--of the companies that will be exhibiting are from outside Germany. Italy leads the list of foreign exhibitors with 306 companies, spread out over 208,251 f|t.sup.2~ of exhibit space, followed by France, 103 companies and 46,209 f|t.sup.2~; Britain, 100 companies and 31,668 f|t.sup.2~; the U.S., 79 companies and 37,921 f|t.sup.2~; Switzerland, 73 companies on 46,479 f|t.sup.2~; and Belgium, 69 companies covering 35,543 f|t.sup.2~. Fifty-six firms from the Netherlands have booked 48,202 f|t.sup.2~. German companies, numbering 993, have reserved a total of 798,743 f|t.sup.2~ of net exhibit space.

Two U.S. pavilions--sponsored by The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI), and located in the materials and machinery sections--will house exhibits of American companies. At press time, eleven companies from the U.S. were registered to exhibit in the U.S. pavilion in the materials section, located in Hall 5. They include Crystalite, Inc., Westmont, Ill.; Mercator, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J.; Morton International, Inc., Danvers, Mass.; Novon Products Group, Morris Plains, N.J.; Plaskolite, Inc., Columbus, Ohio; Plastic Machinery & Equipment magazine, Chatham, N.J.; Plexchem International, Inc., Melville, N.Y.; Polymer Materials, Inc., Jasper, Tenn.; SPI, Washington, D.C.; T.R. Industries, South Gate, Calif.; and Vinmar, Inc., Houston.

Sixteen companies are scheduled to exhibit in the U.S. pavilion in the machinery section, located in Hall 8. They are Arizona Instrument Co., Tempe, Ariz.; Extrusion Dies, Inc., Chippewa Falls, Wis.; Flynn Burner Co., New Rochelle, N.Y.; Goldmark Plastics International, Inc., New Hyde Park, N.Y.; Gruber Systems, Inc., Valencia, Calif.; Killion Extruders, Inc., Cedar Grove, N.J.; Marshall & Williams Co., Providence, R.I.; Matsui America, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.; Mocon/Modern Controls, Inc., Minneapolis; NRM-Steelastic, Akron, Ohio; Ontario Die Co., Port Huron, Mich.; Richland Equipment Co., Boca Raton, Fla.; SPI; The Cloeren Co., Orange, Tex; Wilmington Machinery, Inc., Wilmington, N.C.; and Xaloy, Inc., Pulaski, Va.

Because of recent renovations to its infrastructure, the fairgrounds will be sporting a new look: A landscaped open air section in the middle of the grounds now features public art works, fountains, and shops--all intended to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Attendance at the triennial event is expected to exceed 200,000. The most recent Kunststoffe plastics and rubber goods trade fair--K'89--drew some 260,000 attendees and 2174 exhibitors from 41 nations, according to Dusseldorf Trade Shows, Inc.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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