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Kudos--honor role.

Debra A. Toney, PhD, RN appointed by the Governor

Ms. Debra Toney was appointed by the Governor to server as a member of the Advisory Board for the Office of Minority Health and was elected by the Board to serve as Chairperson.

The Office of Minority Health (NRS 232.474) was created in the 2005 session for the purposes of improving the quality of health care services for members of minority groups; increasing access to health care services for members of minority groups; and disseminating information to and educating the public on matters concerning health care issues of interest to members of minority groups. The Director of Health and Human Services appoints a Manager of the Office.

This bill also created within the office an Advisory Committee (NRS 232.482), consisting of nine members appointed by the Governor. Members serve for a two year term and can serve up to two terms. The Advisory Committee; advises the Manager on matters of the Office; reviews reports of the Manager, provides financial oversight and makes recommendations.

The Office of Minority Health is responsible to the State and will schedule meetings in the North and South. The committee is composed of individuals from both areas

Congratulations Debra! We know you will do a great job

Lisa Black earns PhD in nursing from UCSF

Lisa Black, PhD, RN graduated from the University of California San Francisco with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Nursing with a specialty focus in health policy on June 8, 2007. Lisa completed both her Baccalaureate and Master's level nursing education at the University of Nevada, Reno where she is now employed as an assistant professor in the Orvis School of Nursing.

Prior to completing her graduate education, Lisa worked as a registered nurse in Reno, Nevada in a variety of settings and ultimately specialized in oncology nursing at (then) Washoe Medical Center. After experiencing a life-altering needlestick injury, Lisa lobbied in state, national, and international venues for enhanced protection for nurses who are potentially exposed to bloodborne pathogens and other workplace hazards. Her work led to the creation of enhanced workplace protections for nurses in the state of Nevada and contributed to the passage of national needlestick protection legislation that was sponsored by Nevada senator Harry Reid, and was signed by President Bill Clinton in 2001. Lisa is also a single mother of two teenage daughters, Rebecca and Kaitlyn.

Lisa has been active with the Nevada Nurses Association (NNA) since 1999 and has served in various leadership roles within the organization. She served on the board of directors of the NNA from 2000-2003, participated in and later chaired the NNA legislative committee, and was a Nevada delegate to the annual American Nurses Association delegate assembly from 2000-2006. Lisa also acted as a lobbyist for the Nevada Nurses Association during the 2001, 2003, and 2005 legislative sessions and was the executive director of NNA from 2002-2005.

Lisa's doctoral dissertation studied sociodemographic, market, and political variables that influence nurses who are licensed to practice nursing in the United States, but work in fields other than nursing. Lisa looks forward to publishing her dissertation research findings, continuing this trajectory of nursing labor market research, and continuing to be an active presence in the creation of sound healthcare policy in Nevada and in the United States.

April Lavergne RN, MSN, FNP (candidate)

April Lavergne graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California on May 10, 2007, with a Masters in Nursing along with a certificate for Family Nurse Practitioner. She also received the prestigious, Primary Care Award from the College of Nursing, which is given for "Demonstrating Commitment and Dedication to Primary Care and Excellence in the Clinical Arena." Ms. Lavergne received her nursing degree from the University of South Carolina in 1992. Her nursing experience is in ER and L&D. Ms. Lavergne has been offered a position with Women's Specialty Care in Las Vegas.

Prior to beginning her master's program, Ms. Lavergne was a criminal investigator for the Nevada Attorney General, a position that required completion of a five month law enforcement academy. Because of her nursing background, she was hired for that position to investigate provider Medicaid Fraud and Elder abuse. Ms. Lavergne's investigative career expanded into missing children and crimes against the state. During her employment with the Attorney General, she also obtained a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and she continued to work as a staff nurse on a prn basis. She states, "It was a great experience, but I felt the need to get back to being a nurse full-time"

Ms. Lavergne is also a single mother of 13 yr-old boy/ girl twins, Marcus and Morgan, and a proud veteran of the United States Air Force.

Well done April!

Marena Works RN MSN/MPH

Marena Works attains her next goal. Marena lives and works in Carson City and completed her degree at the University of Nevada, Reno. She preferred to attend classes on campus as few classes were available on-line. While there she attended the school of public health and the school of nursing; thereby receiving a dual degree, MSN/ MPH with a specialty as a (Clinical Nurses Specialist) in Community Health.

She accomplished this while working fulltime. She has a husband and four children, ages 17, 18, 19 and 22. She states, "It took me four years to complete my degree as I went part time to school at the beginning and increased to full time the last two years." "I encourage others to seek higher degrees as the engagement with other professional and the university faculty does a lot to promote scholarships within nursing and expand individual knowledge base with the ultimate goal of better patient care"

Congratulations Marena

Nicki Aaker also completed the same degree. She was unavailable for an interview at press time

Kim Baxter, FNP, RN. MSN

Ms Baker has been promoted to the FNP coordinator at Orvis School of Nursing at University of Nevada--Reno

News from Western Nevada Community College

Western Nevada Community College (WNCC) bestowed tenure to three of its' nursing: Deborah LeBalch, Sherry Neil-Urban and Margaret Konieczny. Congratulations

WNCC will as of July 1st, 2007 have a name change to Western Nevada College.
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