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Kudos to those behind-the-scenes professionals.

Kudos to Those Behind-the-Scenes Professionals

I can't remember when I've seen a finer ASAE convention. But what is it that makes a convention really work? Why do some stand out and some fade away? It's a little like saying it's the nuts that make peanut butter tasty, but people--reaching out with the best they have--make the difference.

This particular meeting was blessed with a world of outreach. From topnotch speakers like Cokie Roberts to the biggest, most value-full tradeshow ever, to grand social events like the "Columbus" party at Union Station, to the winning hospitality of the DC Convention Bureau, to the networking and committee meetings and a world of additional peer-to-peer sharing--the electricity was amazing. There were so many people involved in making this meeting work, but there were a few contributors that I think you ought to know about.

The first is Frank Dickson, president of Ray Bloch Productions, hired to handle turn-key production for the three ASAE general sessions and the inaugural celebration party. You would expect a professional production company to make a big effort to showcase their best in front of an audience as influential as one made up of ASAE members. But you can count on Frank to do the unexpected, and his personal best--mirrored throughout his company--is dazzling. Under his skilled direction, a piano player (albeit the fabulous Michael Iceberg); a juggler (an extraordinary artist-dancer of a juggler, Michael Moschen); a Mayor (the delightful DC spokesman Sharon Pratt Dixon); and the entertaining Supremes and Chezzam, all somehow came together seamlessly to bring focus and shape and meaning to ASAE's Vision and the Convention theme of "Creating Your Future."

The second big bow is due to the people pictured on this page. These dear friends make up ASAE's Senior Associate Member Committee--each an alumni of service on the ASAE Board. Under their leadership, the ASAE Board established at this meeting a new Associate Member Fellows award--a "fraternity" of partners from among the grand associates who support our profession. Hats off to these few of the many, many, individuals that made this show a winner.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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