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Kudlinski, Kathleen. The spirit catchers; an encounter with Georgia O'Keeffe.

KUDLINSKI, Kathleen. The spirit catchers; an encounter with Georgia O'Keeffe. (Art Encounters). Watson-Guptill. 165p. bibliog. c2004. 0-8230-0412-0. $6.99. JS

This new Art Encounters series incorporates biographical facts about artists into fictional accounts of how certain great works of art came to be created. The auspicious debut title tells how Georgia O'Keeffe came to paint her famous Ram's Skull with Brown Leaves. Parker Ray, a fictional homeless teenager during the Great Depression, stumbles out of the desert onto the doorstep of the Ghost Ranch, where rich lady O'Keeffe hires him to photograph landscapes from which she will later paint. From the prickly O'Keeffe, who prefers silence to conversation and work to friendship, Parker learns to appreciate the colors of the New Mexico desert and to understand why the artist is "half-mad with love for the place."

An absorbing story on its own, sure to send readers scurrying to the library for more information on O'Keeffe, its real strength lies in its teen-friendly style and natural tie-in to the art curriculum. A timeline and list of sources are conveniently provided, as well as a teacher's guide promised to accompany the final release. Jessica Swaim. Cataloger, Cherry Creek Schools, Denveg, CO
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Author:Swaim, Jessica
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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