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Krull, Kathleen M is for Music.

Krull, Kathleen M IS FOR MUSIC. Il. by Stacy Innerst. ISBN 0-15-201438-1. New York: Harcourt, 2003. 56 pp. $16.00. Some scientists believe listening to classical music enhances memory and learning skills. Experiments have shown that young children who participate regularly in musical activities seem to have more highly developed skills in mathematics and spatial relationships than their nonmusical peers. Nonscientifically speaking--music is inside each of us! We are programmed for rhythm, down to our heartbeats, so music and learning were made for each other. With extraordinary full-color illustrations, each page of Krull's book features a letter of the alphabet through musical words that begin with that letter, including names of instruments, famous musicians, different genres, movements, famous songs, and musical terms. For instance, A is for accordion and allegro, while B is for Beatles and blues. Complete with a glossary, this alphabet book is one that can be revisited again and again, providing a great way to introduce youngsters (and adults) to the words of music. All Ages. Reviewed by Maria T. Holder, Brandywine Heights High School, Topton, PA
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Author:Holder, Maria T.
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 22, 2004
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