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Kristeller Reconsidered.

Kristeller Reconsidered

John Monfasani, editor

Italica Press

595 Main St., Suite 605, NY, NY 10044

0934977577 $40.00

The late Paul Oskar Kristeller (1905-1999) revolutionized Renaissance Studies and significantly influenced three generations of students, scholars, and non-specialist general readers through his teaching, lecturing, research, scholarship, and writings. The author of numerous articles and such primary resource and scholarly works as "Renaissance Thought"; "Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance", and "The Philosophy of Marsilio Ficino", Professor Kristeller is justifiably credited with reinterpreting Renaissance humanism and its relation to intellectual and cultural life. His work in manuscript research defined the foundational approach to the textual sources of the renaissance era. Compiled and edited by John Monfasani, Kristeller Reconsidered: Essays On His Life And Scholarship presents informed and informative essays by sixteen scholars on the relationship between Paul Kristeller and the historical and philosophical movement that he defined. A body of impeccable and seminal scholarship, this specialized anthology on the life and work of Paul Kristeller is recommended reading for students of the humanist tradition and its influence on contemporary American culture and philosophy.
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Title Annotation:Kristeller Reconsidered: Essays on His Life and Scholarship
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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