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Krauss-Maffei Mixer Dryer.

Krauss-Maffei Mixer Dryer

Krauss Maffei's bottom-drive Mixer Dryers with heated screw provide 15 - 30% more heat exchange area, increasing productivity and profitability for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industry Operations.

Proven Technology

Because there are no internal drive components, our Mixer Dryers significantly decrease the risk of contamination, condensation and downtime. The bottom-drive technology has performed reliably for over 20 years, even in sterile applications. And, the vessel comes in virtually any size using 100-liter increments.

Two-Axis Rotation

The mixing screw rotates around its axis and slowly rotates around the inside of the vessel, then reverses after a full 360 revolution for gentle, homogenous mixing.

Even Product Heating

The heated screw, coupled with direct product temperature measurement by a central temperature lance, provides consistent, even drying batch after batch.

Easy, Safe Maintenance

Bottom removal of the drive allows the vessel to be disassembled without vessel entry, for the safety of your maintenance staff. The inspection port on the lower cone complies with FDA guidelines for improved visual checks and provides additional cleaning opportunities.

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Test Facilities

If There Is A Better Way, Our Test Center Can Help You Find It

The 6,000 s.f. Krauss-Maffei Test Center gives you the advantages of full-scale testing capabilities with pilot-scale affordability. We will work closely with you to solve your processing challenges, answer manufacturing questions and optimize your plant output.

State-Of-The-Art Test Center

We can duplicate your process with a range of equipment, including:

* Closed-loop centrifugation, drying and solvent recovery system

* Plate dryer simulator

* Pilot plant plate dryer system

* Peeler centrifuges and pusher centrifuges

* Vacuum/pressure lock, table feeder

* Bench scale centrifugation and separation equipment

* Analytical lab

Most Test Center equipment is available for in-plant rental.

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Flottweg Decanter Centrifuges

Flottweg Decanter Centrifuges achieve very high capacities by combining centrifugal force with advanced centrifugally cast stainless steel scroll and bowl designs. Turbulence is minimized and solids conveying efficiency is maximized. Nearly any combination of main and backdrive systems can be provided which makes Flottweg Decanter Centrifuges suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as:

* Dewatering

* Thickening

* Classifying

* Foodstuffs

* Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals

* Environmental

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VAC-U-MAX specializes in design and manufacture of pneumatic systems and support equipment for conveying, weighing and batching types of bulk commodities. The primary technology for conveying is vacuum, but positive pressure pneumatic systems, as well as mechanical conveyors, are used as applications dictate. An equally important activity is design and manufacture of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners, ranging from small air and electric powered drum style units to large electric and diesel powered units in the 75-200 horsepower range.

Markets Served

VAC-U-MAX equipment and systems are sold worldwide. Major markets for conveying systems include the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Specialty applications include conveying of small parts and objects, including coins and heavy metal powders.


A pioneer in vacuum pneumatic conveying, VAC-U-MAX has had many firsts including air-powered venturi power units, direct-loading of vacuum-tolerant process equipment, and vertical-wall "tube hopper" material receivers. A UL-listed designer and manufacturer of control panels. VAC-U-MAX furnishes integrated control systems that provide coordination of material movement, batching and processing, with tie in capabilities to existing control systems.

Technical Services

After consultation with a customer to arrive at system design and equipment specifications, customer's materials can be tested for flow characteristics and other qualities under simulated conditions in the company's well-equipped test laboratory. Equipment designs are rendered on CAD. Drawings can be provided on disk. Complete installation, start-up, operator training and follow-up support are offered.


Two buildings of over 50,000 square feet in Belleville, New Jersey.

Major Products

* Simple "here-to-there" or "up-and-in" material transfer systems

* Complex PLC-controlled, computer-compatible, multiple-ingredient storage, batching, & processing systems

* Dry material handling components:

* bulk bag loaders and unloaders

* bag dump stations and empty bag compactors

* feedbins

* wide selection of material receiver types and sizes

* filter assemblies and media, including HEPA

* electric, air or fuel powered vacuum sources

* diverter valves

* drum dumpers

* ergonomic load lifters

* sanitary components designed to 3A standards and accepted by USDA for food handling

* UL-listed control panels from simple on-off boxes to large panels with illuminated system displays

* mobile conveyors

* Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors

* Electric, pneumatic & fuel-powered portable industrial vacuum cleaners

* Electric and fuel-powered heavy-duty central vacuum systems.


37 Rutgers Street Belleville, New Jersey 07109 Phone: (973) 7594400 Fax: (973) 759-6449 email:

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Markets Served

Diversity has been a trademark for Alexanderwerk in its various applications. Worldwide, the industrial division's applications have included the processing of pharmaceutical antibiotics, soda ash, battery mass, toner, ores, fertilizers, and a variety of other products.

These project applications have included the supply of individual machines as well as entire mm-key plants and commissioning.

Technical Services

Technical support and feasibility trials are available from both the U.S. and Remscheid facilities. Technical support to clients includes factory trained electrical and mechanical technicians, project supervision, process problem solving, installation, start-up, and validation support.

Major Products

Roll Compaction- WP series

Horizontal feed to vertically positioned rollers provide superior compaction and higher yields. Machine range from WP 120 x 40 Lab scale with a throughput of 100 gram to production size WP 1000 for an output of 70 metric tons.

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Granulation/Extrusion - G Series

Granulating of paste-like or moist substances by means of two counter-rotating cylinders, solid and a granulating cylinder.
GA 65 30 - 50 kg/hr
G1/100 & 160 100 - 500 kg/hr
G1/148 100 - 500 kg/hr
G/168 500 - 1000 kg/hr
G 1/244 1000 - 2000 kg/hr

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Size Reduction - RFG Series

Breaking and granulating of dry and moist products with rotating or oscillating vanes and easily interchangeable screens.
RFG 150V 50 - 300 kg/hr
RFG 250V 100 - 500 kg/hr
RFG 350 200 - 750 kg/hr
RFG 350VD 400 - 1500 kg/hr

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Graters/Shredders - R Series

For grating, shredding, milling and granulating of dry or moist products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
RAN 70 100 - 500 kg/hr
E409 100 - 500 kg/hr
R300 300 - 2000 kg/hr
R340A 1000 - 4000 kg/hr

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