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Kraftpak Tool Kit offers packaging ideas.

Kraftpak, a creative alternative to smooth, white substrates, is a fresh packaging idea from MeadWestvaco. An unbleached folding carton board with a clean, natural look, Kraftpak supports demanding print production techniques, such as embossing, foil stamping, die-cutting, scoring and perforating. It can also be laminated or over-wrapped with film or printed sheets for a sleek, high-end look and feel.

A Kraftpak Took Kit is available, which illustrates some of the many versatile ways that companies in the food and beverage markets are using Kraftpak to make their products stand out. The sampling shows how nine colours look on the unbleached board and stresses how its shade consistency can help bring out the best in a colourful brand package.

Kraftpak is also manufactured using Food & Drug Administration (FDA) compliant components, making it suitable for direct contact with dry milk, mixes and pasta and rice side dishes, cakes, pies and other fresh bakery items, sweets and snacks. It can be polycoated for increased barrier protection against oils and water, making it a popular choice for pizza boxes and takeaway containers, and it exhibits excellent wet strength and climatic endurance in the bulk distribution and retail display of frozen foods.

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