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Kotipizza Group announces start of employee co-operation negotiations by Kotipizza Oyj.

NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-May 10, 2018-Kotipizza Group announces start of employee co-operation negotiations by Kotipizza Oyj


Finnish pizza chain Kotipizza Group Oyj (HEL: PIZZA) announced on Wednesday that Kotipizza Oyj, a part of the company, will start employee co-operation negotiations concerning eight employees.

Reportedly, the reason for the negotiations is the need to reorganise the group's operations in a situation where Kotipizza Group is growing rapidly, and where new chains and concepts have been established alongside the Kotipizza chain.

According to the company, behind these negotiations is a plan to concentrate Kotipizza's operations in Kotipizza Group. This does not entail a need to reduce the total number of people employed by the group.

Under the company's strategy announced in February 2018, Kotipizza Group is a home of brands. The Social Burgerjoint restaurant is being developed into a nationwide burger chain, No Pizza is a restaurant concept aimed at the international market, Tasty Market is a new lunch restaurant concept in development and Kotipizza Go is a new pizza slice product for eating on the go. Other parts of the company are the Kotipizza chain and the Mexican-style restaurant chain Chalupa, launched in 2015.

The company added that in the Roadmap to 2020 document, released as part of the strategy, growth targets regarding the number of restaurants and chain sales were set for Kotipizza, Chalupa and Social Burgerjoint. According to this roadmap, the target for the three chains' total cumulative chain sales in 2020 is EUR181m.

In addition, Kotipiza Group said that until now, it has focused strongly on the Kotipizza chain while the other chains' operations have been driven by entrepreneurs. As a growth-oriented home of brands, it must make sure that all of its chains receive the same support as Kotipizza and ensure that all the chains have a chance to grow in line with its strategy and roadmap.

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Publication:Nordic Business Report
Date:May 10, 2018
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