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Kosovo gets part of Kodra Fura; strategic point with double control.

The road that leads to the strategic point of Kodra Fura is accessible to Kosovo watchmen. Koha information says that this strategic point is to be a neutral zone for Kosovo as well. Lukovo Pole is to be used by both sides. Different political circles see this as a victory for Kosovo that up till now did not have control of Kodra Fura. Ex Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski confirms for Koha that the strategic point remains in Macedonia, but Kosovo will also have jurisdiction over Kodra Fura because police patrols from both Macedonia and Kosovo are to run it. BDI estimates that the issue of property of the land is "highly regulated and that 90% belongs to Kosovo."
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Title Annotation:Koha (daily)
Author:Bajrami, Fami
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Oct 21, 2009
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