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Kosher row deli owner found dead.


and Roseman's Deli in Childwall, Liverpool.

On Sunday night, Gough's Deli published a post on Facebook announcing that Manchester's Beth Din, an organisation which regulates Jewish religious laws, had removed their licence to sell Kosher meat.

It was claimed that the owners were informed by this after being contacted by members of the press.

"We have just been informed by the media that Manchester Beth Din has revoked our license due to violation of Kashrut," the post read.

"May we be 100 per cent clear to all our customers that all food provided and produced within our premises has always adhered to and will contain to be within the guidelines of Manchester Beth Din. I again repeat myself that this announcement has come from press sources to ourselves and not the Beth Din directly."

A further Facebook post added: "DISGUSTED to announce the above, I repeat to anyone that asks we have not been informed directly of this by the Beth Din, even our shoma hadn't been informed, this has come via media sources only.

"What a way to be treated, when we have done nothing wrong. Outraged and deeply upset. We will update you all soon." Mr Kaye was found dead early yesterday. Manchester Beth Din declined to comment. Community figures have reacted with dismay to Mr Kaye's death.

Howard Winik, chairman of the Merseyside Jewish Representatives Council, said: "The circumstances are very tragic and we send our condolences and very best wishes to his wife and two children."

Tributes from friends and family of Mr Kaye poured in on Facebook.

Vanessa Kuhillow posted: "No words, so so sorry. He was a lovely one deserves to go through such devastation and a tragic loss of life . I hope he rests in peace."

Simone Pinkus said: "Such a gorgeous gorgeous genuine guy who did anything for anyone! RIP Rob so so sad." Under Judaism, Kosher foods are foods that meet a range of dietary regulations. If a food is not Kosher, it is called treif, meaning torn.

A DELI owner has been found dead after his business was accused of supplying non-Kosher meat.

The Jewish community in Manchester and Liverpool has reacted with shock to the death of dad-of-two Robert Kaye from north Manchester. He was the owner of Gough's Deli in Prestwich


Robert Kaye

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
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Date:Jun 20, 2019
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