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Korman, Gordon. Son of the mob: Hollywood hustle.

KORMAN, Gordon. Son of the mob: Hollywood hustle. Hyperion. 268p. c2004. 0-786-80919-1. $5.99. SA *

To quote from the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, November 2004: We first met Vince in the funny and acclaimed YA novel Son of the Mob as he was struggling to separate himself from his gangster family while dating Kendra, the daughter of an FBI agent out to get his father, a feared mob boss. As Hollywood Hustle begins, Vince is heading out to college in LA to be a film student, happy to be leaving his troublesome family behind. Or so he thinks--they keep showing up, and his conniving brother ends up crashing in Vince's dorm room. His roommate, Trey, is the blueblood son of a congressman, and Vince is delighted to be matched up with someone so respectable--until he learns that Trey is a kleptomaniac. Trey also involves Vince in a rally for the concrete workers' union, and Vince's father gets involved, too. And while Vince still adores Kendra, who is attending a college nearby, their relationship hits a rough patch. She's spending all her time on her lead role in a musical, while Vince is tempted by the beautiful girls he meets at school.

Lots of action and lots of laughs, along with snappy dialog and some affecting scenes, too. Vince's many fans will be happy to fob low his new escapades. Paula Rohrlick, KLIATT

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Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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