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Kore Technologies Launches Kourier Integrator 4.6.

KORE TECHNOLOGIES, A provider of enterprise integration and ecommerce solutions, is releasing version 4.6 of Kourier Integrator Data Management, further opening up REST capabilities.

"What we're doing is integrating external systems with ERP systems and opening up REST capability," said Keith Lambert, VP, marketing and business development, Kore Technologies. "We're seeing a lot of third-party cloud-based apps exposing their integrations with REST and they want to integrate those systems with REST APIs."

This has led to the creation of RESTas-a-client, a full real-time bi-directional application that enables the application to talk between systems. "This empowers those enterprises to do full integration across the enterprise in real-time," Lambert said.

Instead of coding, the web interface will create the APIs--borrowing from the "clicks, not code" approach that Kore supports. Kore will then build connectors and adapters to external applications to support a variety of integrations, according to Lambert.

Vermont Teddy Bear Company Improves Service With Rocket Software

THE VERMONT TEDDY Bear Company (VTBC) is the largest handcrafter of teddy bear toys in North America. The company recognized that in order to keep pace with constantly evolving demands and respond effectively to customers, it was essential to change the way it managed data.

Because its sales were closely tied to gifting holidays, the company experienced peak periods when orders per day grew exponentially from several hundred to more than 47,000. During these times, it was not unusual for the company to ship more than 60,000 packages in one day.

By working with Rocket UniData and UniVerse, the company was able to create customized solutions to meet customer needs and reduce call center response time; update applications without rebuilding the database or writing new code; and update the database without additional costs or downtime.

"For speed, performance, and size of a database running on a mid-size, mid-tier system, it performs very well. For example, response time for our call center is fantastic," said Bob Stetzel, VP of information and ecommerce technology, VTBC.

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