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Kollyhood boycott likely to boomerang.

Colombo, June 6 -- The hostile approach of Tamil Nadu political leaders and film makers, places the Tamils in Sri Lanka in a precarious position. For political and personal reasons, several political leaders, majority of them without any following in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, adopt a belligerent approach against Sri Lankans and the government of Sri Lanka.

This puts the Tamils who live in the midst of the majority community - Sinhalese in the South of Sri Lanka in a quandary. Are they helping Tamils?

During the height of the ethnic conflict, more than 2 million Tamils left the North and East of the country and began settling down in Colombo and other parts of Southern Sri Lanka. They began to co-exist with the Sinhalese who were friendly and embraced them as one amongst them.

Sri Lanka Government gave them the maximum protection even though at the height of the conflict although Prabhkaran and his men tried unsuccessfully to provoke ethnic tension by bombing, shelling and killing Sinhalese and Government soldiers.

Media organizations controlled by LTTE spew venom. Despite all form of provocation, the Tamils who sought shelter in the South are well cared and given maximum security.

The hill country Tamils, who are Tamils of Indian origin, faced the wrath of the communal violence up to 1983 but after that they lived in the midst of the Sinhalese peacefully.

But at present a few factional Tamil leaders of Tamil Nadu are hell-bent on creating tension and dissension in the midst of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

They adopt the copycat approach of Prabhakaran - threat and intimidation.

Recently, the film actors and those in the cine field belonging to the Tamil Nadu were threatened and intimidated not to attend the International Indian film festival held in Colombo. Also, the Bollywood actors were threatened not to attend the film festival threatening their films will not be allowed to be shown in the cinema theatres in the Tamil Nadu.

This was what Prabhakaran did in Sri Lanka - Threat and intimidation. Following the footsteps of Prabhakaran, Seeman and others are threatening even the Bollywood actors too.

The stars of Tamil films like Kamal Hasan and Rajinikanth, Kushboo and many others could not make it to the recently concluded film festival, as also Amitab Bachchan, the brand Ambassdor of the IIFA, his son Abhishek, daughter in law Aishwarya Rai and Tamil director Maniratnam, now into Hindi, and many others from Bollyhood.

The move is boomeranging. The Bollyhood stars, it is believed, are getting around to think why not boycott Tamil films in Mumbai and boycott south Indian film technicians who are more active in Mumbai.

This is immediate reaction to the Pro LTTE activists stopping the screening of a Hindi Film starring Hirthik Roshan in Chennai on Friday. The much-awaited Hindi film ''Kites'', was stopped following objections by Pro- LTTE and Tamil outfit 'Nam Tamizhar' party headed by film director Seeman.

If other state capitals also decide to boycott Tamil films being released in theatres in their states, then what will happen?

Already there were instances of Tamil films denied release in the state of Karnataka sometime back.

Sri Lanka too can adopt measures to stop the screening of Tamil films in Sri Lanka and allow the Tamils in the country watch all the newly released Tamil films in pirated videos.

Sri Lanka can also refuse Tamil film shootings in Sri Lanka. Also there is a danger of Sri Lanka can refuse visas to Tamil Cinema actors visiting Sri Lanka for stage peformance in the future.

While at the height of the battle between the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE actor Silambarasan was in Sri Lanka acting in the film which was picturized in the island nation.

Those who threaten and intimidate others should consider that their threat is a double edged sword.

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
Date:Jun 6, 2010
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