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Kola's list of 100 plus Black Authors of The Twentieth Century (Fiction, Poetry & Drama).




  * Mongo Beti             King Lazarus
  * Mbella S. Dipoko       A Few Nights and Days
  * Ferdinand Oyono        Houseboy


  * Lenrie Peters          Selected Poetry


  * Kojo Laing             Godhorse (Poetry)
  * bediako Asare          Rebel
  * Asare Konadu           A Woman in her Prime
  * Ayi Kwei Armah         Why Are We So Blest
                           The Healers
                           The Beautyful Ones are not Yet Born
  * Martin Owusu           The Sudden Return & Other Plays
  * A.W.Kayper-Mensah      The Drummer in Our Times
  * Ama Ata Aidoo          Dilemma of a Ghost


  * Ngugi Wa Thiong'O      Matigari
                           The River Between
                           Weep Not, Child
                           A Grain of Wheat
                           Secret Lives
  * Naina wa Kinyatti      Thunder from the Mountains


  * Jack Mpanje            The Chattering Wagtails of Mikuyu


  * Chinua Achebe          Things Fall Apart
                           No Longer at Ease
                           Arrow of God
                           A Man of the People
                           Anthilis of the Savannah
                           Girls at War

  * Buchi Emecheta         The Family
                           The Joys of Motherhood
                           The Bride Price
                           Second Class Citizen
                           Double Yoke
                           The Rape of Shavi
                           The Slave Girl
  * Flora Nwapa
                           Never Again
                           One is Enough
                           Women are Different
                           Wives and other stories
                           This is Lagos & other stories
  * T.M.Aluko              His worshipful Majesty
                           One Man, One Wife
  * Kole Omotoso           The Combat
  * Festus Iyayi                 Violence
  * Ifeoma Okoye           Men Without Ears
  * Cyprian Ekwensi        People of the City
                           Burning Grass
                           Jagua Nana
  * Wole Soyinka           The Interpreters
                           The Trials of Brother Jero (D)
                           Jero's Metamorphosis(Drama)
                           Camwood on the Leaves
                           Death and the King's Horseman
  * Onuora Nzekwu          Blade Amon the Boys
                           Wand of Noble Wood
  * John Munonye           The Only Son
                           Oil Man of Obanje
  * T. O. Echewa           The Land's Lord


  * Miriam Ba              Scarlet Song
  * Sembene Ousman         Xala
                           Black Docker
                           The Last of the Empire
                           Tribal Scars and other stories
                           God's Bits of Wood

Sierre Leone

  * Syl Cheney-Coker       Concerto for an Exile
                           The Blood in the Desert's Eye
                           The Graveyard also has Teeth
                           The Last Harmattan of Alusine

  * Lemuel Johnson         Carnival of the Old Coast
                           Hand on the Navel
                           High Life for Caliban


  * Nuruddin Farah         Maps
                           Sweet and Sour Milk

South Africa

  * Peter Abrahams         Mine Boy
                           Tell Freedom
  * Dennis Brutus          A Stubborn Hope
                           A Simple Lust
  * Bessie Head            Maru
                           A Question of Power
                           When Rain Clouds Gather
  * Alex La Guma           A Walk in the Night
                           In the Fog of the Season's End
                           Time of the Butcherbird
  * Njabulo Ndebele        Fools and other Stories
  * Molefe Pheto           And Night Fell (Memoir)
  * Mongane Serote         To Every Birth its Blood
  * Siplo Sepamla          A Ride on Whirlwind


  * Moyez G. Vassanji      The Gunny Sack
                           Uhuru Street


  * John Nagenda           The Seasons of Thomas Tebo

  * Okot p'Bitek           Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol
                           Hare and Hornbill


  * Peter Bailey           This is My Song
                           Going Black Home
  * Ayanna Black           No Contingencies
  * Walter Borden          Tightrope Time (Drama)

  * George Borden          Shine Boy (Drama)

  * George Elliott Clarke  Salwater Spirituals and Deeper Blues
                           Wylah Falls
                           Lush Dreams, Blue Exile
                           Beatrice Chancy
  * Ernesto Cuevas         Some Friends of Mine
  * Maxine Tynes           Borrowed Beauty
                           Woman Talking Woman
  * Frederick Ward         Poems 94
                           Nobody Called Me Mine
  * Edward Watson          Door of My Heart
                           Out of the Silent Stone & Other Stories
  * David Woods            Native Son



  * Jamaica Kincaid        A Small Place
                           At the Bottom of the River
                           Annie John

  * Edward K. Brathwaite   Days and Nights
                           Black + Blues
                           Mother Poem
                           Other Exiles
                           Sun Poem
                           The Arrivants

  * Timothy Callender      It So Happen
  * Austin Clarke          The Survivors of the Crossing
                           Amongst Thistles and Thorns
                           The Meeting Point
                           Storm of Fortune
                           The Bigger light
                           When he was free and young and he had to
                           Wear Silks
                           The Prime Minister
                           Nine Men who Laughed
                           Proud Empires
                           In this City
                           There are no Elders
                           The Origin of Waves
                           Pigtails n' Breadfruit

  * Winston Farrell        Echoes of Young Blood
  * Cecil Foster           No Man in the House
                           Sleep on Beloved
                           Slammin' Tar
                           A Place Called Heaven
  Horace I. Goddard        Rastaman: Poems for Leonta
                           The Long Drums
                           The Awakening and Song of the Antilles
                           A Dog Named Sputnik (Children's story)
                           Phoebus and the Crow
                           Paradise Revisited (novel)
  * Carl Jackson           East Wind in Paradise
                           Nor the Battle to the Strong
  * George Lamming         In the Castle of my Skin
                           Season of Adventure
                           Of Age and Innocence
                           Water with Barries
                           The Pleasures of Exile

  * Glenville Lovel        Fire in the Canes
                           Song of Night


  " M. Warner Vieyra       Juletane

  * Simone Schwartz-Bart   The Bridge Beyond


  * John Agard             Shoot me with Flowers
                           I Din Do Nuttin
                           Get Back, Pimple
                           Mangoes and Bullets
                           Laughter in an Egg
                           From the Devil's Pulpit
  * Beryly Gilroy          Frangipani House
                           Boy Sandwich
                           Steadman and Joanna
                           Black Teacher
                           Sunlight on Sweet Water
                           In Praise of Love and Children
                           Gather the Faces
                           Inkle and Yarico
  * Grace Nicholls         Baby Fish
                           Whole of a morning sky
                           I is a Long Memoried Woman
                           Fat Black Woman's Poems

  * Danny LaferriEre       How to Make Love To a Negro

  * Alvin Bennett          God the Stone Breaker
  * Edward Baugh           A Tale from the Rainforest
  * Erma Brodber           Louisiana

  * Neville Dawes          The Last Enchantment
  * Lorna Goodison         I'm Becoming My Mother

  * Rogers Mais            The Hills were Joyful
                           Brother man

  * Mervyn Morris          Crucifixion
  * Velma Pollard          Considering Woman
                           Crown Point & Other Poems
                           Shame Trees Don't Grow Here
  * Vic Reid               Sixty Five
                           Peter of mount Ephraim
                           New Day
                           The Leopard
  " Olive Senior           Summer Lighting and other stories
                           Arrival of the Snake-
                                   Woman & Other Stories
                           Discerner of Hearts &
                                          Other Stories
St. Lucia

  * Derek Walcott          Selected Poems
                           The Gulf
                           Another Life
                           The Star Apple kingdom
                           The Fortunate Traveller
                           Sea Grapes
                           Dream on Monkey Mountain and Other Plays
                           The Odyssey (Play)
                           The Bou
  " Garth St. Omar         The Lights on the Hill

St. Vincent

  * George Thomas          Ruler Hairouna
  * T. Anthony Joyette     Germination of Feelings
                           Vincentian Poets 1950-1980,ed.
  * H. Nigel Thomas        Spirits in the Dark
                           How Loud can the Village Cock Crow?
  * Peggy B. Carr          Echoes from A Lonely Night Watch


  * AndrE Alexis           Despair and other stories of Ottawa
  * Michael Anthony        The Games Were Coming
                           The Year in San Fernando
                           Green Days by the River
                           All that Glitters
                           Cricket in the Road
  * Dionne Brand           Earth Magic
                           Primitive Offensive
                           Land to Light on
                           Sans Souci & Other Stories
  * Lorris Elliott               Coming for to Carry
                           Other Voices, ed.
  * Claire Harris          Dipped in shadow
                           Drawing Down a Daughter
                           Fables from the Women's Quarters
                           Translations into Fiction
  * Merle Hodge                   Crick Crack, Monkey
                           For the Life of Laetitia
  * C.L.R.James                    The Black Jacobins
  * Earl Lovelace          A Brief Conversation & Other
                           The Schoolmaster
                           The Wine of Astonishment
                           The Dragon Can't Dance
  * Marlene N. Philip      Thorns
                           Harriet's Daughter
                           Salmon Courage

United States of America

  * Maya Angelou           All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes
                           I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
                           Would Take Nothing for my Journey Now
  * James Baldwin          Another Country
                           The Fire Next Time
                           Go Tell It On The Mountain
                           Going to Meet The Man
                           Blues For Mister Charlie
                           No Name in The Street
                           If Beale Street Could Talk

  * Arna Bontemps          "A Black Man Talks of Reaping,"
                           "God Give To Man,"
  * Gwendolyn Brooks       The God Man," "We Real Cool,"
                           "The Bean Eaters"
  * Octavia E. Butler      Kindered
                           Mind of my Mind
  * Countee Cullen         "Heritage," "For a Poet,"
  * Ralph Ellison                  Invisile Man
  * Ernest J. Gains        A Gathering of Old Men
                           In My Father's House
                           A Lesson Before Dying
  * Lorraine Hansberry     A Raisin in the Sun
                           To Be Young, Gifted and Black
  * Langscon Hughes        The Ways of White Folks

  * Zora Neale Hurston     Their Eyes Were watching God
                           Jonah's Gourd Wine: A Novel
                           Moses, Man of the Mountain
  * Claude McKay           "The Tropics in New York,"
                           "After the Winter," "Heritage"
  * Terry McMillan         Waiting to Exhale
  * Toni Morrison          Beloved
                           Songs of Solomon
                           Tar Baby
  * Paule Marshall         Praise Song for the Widow
                           Brown Girl, Brown Stones
                           Souls Clap hands and Sing
                           The Chosen Place, The Timeless People
  * Alice Walker                 The Color Purple
                           Possessing the Secret of Joy
                           You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down
  * Richard Wright         Black Boy
                           Native Son
                           Lawd Today
                           The Outsider
  * Leonard A.Slade Jr,    Neglecting The Flowers
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