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Trapped in Canadian ice: forever: part 2. Dec 20, 2015 4172
Trapped in Canadian ice forever: Part 1. Dec 1, 2015 3607
Springfield Armory's range officer finally in .45 ACP. Nov 20, 2015 4428
BAR: pride of the marine corps or one of John Browning's lesser designs? This classic full-auto perfectly fulfilled its original requirements, but less than adequately served in a LMG role for which it wasn't originally intended. Nov 1, 2015 4558
Century's CETME C308: a proven battle rifle in an affordable package. Oct 20, 2015 4000
3 Tommy guns. Oct 1, 2015 5899
SIG's Scorpion Carry: a flagship M1911 with features you'd expect and a few that you wouldn't. Sep 20, 2015 3538
Kimber's micro: a scaled-down high power and ultimate .380 ACP pistol. Sep 10, 2015 3953
Rock River Arms, Inc. X-1: not your grandfather's AR-15: Rock River ARs have a well-known reputation for accuracy, and the latest one Kokalis tried is no exception. Aug 20, 2015 6437
1919A6 LMG: failure or just biding time? Jul 20, 2015 6910
Ruger's new lightweight commander-style 1911. Jun 20, 2015 5269
The MP34 Bergmann's burp gun: the MP40 gets all the attention, but Kokalis says this earlier German SMG is rarer and more interesting. May 1, 2015 3826
The light machine guns of World War I. Apr 20, 2015 7682
The first Bren gun: birth of a Machinegun Masterpiece: Kokalis flatly asserts that the Bren was the finest magazine-fed light machine gun ever made and shows you why. Apr 1, 2015 5319
LWRCI's IC SPR: you could build your own, but you'd be hard-pressed to put together an AR with the features and build quality of this one. Mar 20, 2015 5493
Elegant einheitsmaschinengewehr MG34-pride of the Wehrmacht. Mar 10, 2015 5473
Return of the straight pull: POF's ReVolt. Feb 20, 2015 7016
The era of the classic snubnose: let's return again to those thrilling days before plastic frames and double-column magazines, when a short-barreled revolver gave hard-boiled detectives a bit more confidence. Column Jan 20, 2015 6294
Tavor: Bullpup perfection: it's taken more than 100 years, but Kokalis says the bullpup concept has finally flowered in the form of Israel's newest service rifle. Dec 20, 2014 7794
Ohio ordnance HCAR works, inc: BAR: a phoenix reborn with far more than just new feathers. Nov 20, 2014 6249
Arsenal's SAM7 series: a "sort of" classic under-folder and a "fully loaded" AK. Oct 1, 2014 8191
Maximum suiper: combine the SIG sauer SSG 3000 rifle and the nightforce B.E.A.S.T. scope, and you've got a precision shooting system 6 that will get the job done to the very limit of 7.62 mm ballistics. Sep 20, 2014 4879
Windham Weaponry .308 SRC does the .308 now rule? The market for smallbore ARs is in the doldrums, but .308s are selling like hotcakes. Kokalis says Windham's entry in the field offers exceptional value. Sep 1, 2014 4656
Troy industries SDMR 556 pushing for the top in a crowed field: when he mounted the powerful new nightforce B.E.A.S.T. scope, Kokalis put, together one of the most accurate ARs he's ever fired. Jul 20, 2014 5206
Loved & loathed, desired & despised the true story of the M1 carbine, part 2. Jul 1, 2014 5301
Loved & loathed, desired & despised. Jun 1, 2014 3745
Eternal icon part 3: Georg Luger's Pistole Parabellum. May 1, 2014 4207
Eternal icon: Part 2: Georg Luger's pistole parabellum. Apr 20, 2014 7722
AK74 James River armory AK74: born in bussia, refined in America: you probably know James River from its superb U.S. martial arms, but now they've taken on the kalashnikov, and kokalis likes the results. Apr 1, 2014 6180
Georg luger's icon part 1 pistole parabellum. Mar 20, 2014 7315
Kimber concealed carry perfection master carry pro: Kokalis is a longtime Kimber enthusiast, and he especially likes the models intended for concealed carry. Here's a new one that fits his holster just right. Mar 1, 2014 4771
Swiss kalashnikov redux: SIG551-A1 swat: Only a few of the original SIG 550 semi-autos made it into the country before being banned in 1994. Now you can get a similar rifle with modern rails for accessory mounting, and Kokalis says it's definitely worth a look if you're having AR fatigue. Feb 1, 2014 4825
Ruger's new .308 AR SR-762 will it dominate: ruger has moved into segments you wouldn't have expected 10 years ago. Now it sets out to claim a big piece of the 7.62mm AR market. Jan 20, 2014 6523
LWRCI'S tactical REPR: if you're one of those who think anything below .30 cal, is a pipsqueak, and if you can pay the toll, this distinctive AR variant offers accuracy, innovative design and rugged materials in one stylish package. Dec 1, 2013 7293
Promise fulfilled: Windham Weaponry's Carbon Fiber AR-15: the space-age material was tried 17 years ago, but the engineering resources to make it practical just weren't there. Now you can get a carbon-fiber AR that's accurate, reliable and inexpensive. Nov 20, 2013 5440
A desert sniper course: some industry friends wanted instruction in a natural environment, and Kokalis has the place. He also has the historic rifles to give the teaching some context. Nov 1, 2013 6261
A new kind of Tommy gun: 1911TC: Kahr Arms has until now sold its 1911 variants under the Auto-Ordnance name, but this time they're using the much more evocative Thompson trademark for a pistol Kokalis rates an excellent value. Oct 1, 2013 4986
Knight's armament company's legendary SR-25 series: for more than two decades, this AR variant has built a reputation for gilt-edged accuracy. It's not cheap, but you won't have to worry about precision. Sep 20, 2013 6853
Everyman's AR Stag Arms 8T: good performance, good features, good price: what more could you want in a black rifle? Sep 1, 2013 4348
Daniel Defense V7: this Georgia company has ridden the AR wave from obscurity to major market success in little more than a decade. Here's an offering that pushes all the right buttons for the current black gun buyer. Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2013 5617
The Broomhandle: whether carried by Chinese warlords, Waffen-SS men or comic book villains, this distinctive pistol is always immediately recognizable. Jul 20, 2013 5118
Wilson Combat's CQB Light Rail Lightweight Compact: many have said that we all owe ourselves at least one custom 1911. If you're looking for a light, concealable pistol and money is no object, Kokalis says this one could be for you. Jul 1, 2013 5186
Black Rain AR: this unusual-looking AR with an unusual name piqued Kokalis' interest and he found it a useful addition to the wide world of black rifles. Product/service evaluation Jun 1, 2013 5698
Ruger's new Commander-Style 1911: Kokalis liked the full-sized version, and this one offers even more for the concealed carrier who still wants .45 power and a hand-filling frame. May 1, 2013 4755
POF Burnt Bronze cabbine state-of-the art short-stroke piston-operated 5.56x45mm rifle: Kokalis has always liked POF's off-the-beaten-path approach to ARs, and this latest one is no exception. Put your order in now; they're going fast! Apr 20, 2013 7380
Molon Labe SIG Sauer M1911 Spartan: here's one of the most distinctive 1911s you can buy, and one that is especially timely in the current political situation. Product/service evaluation Apr 1, 2013 3939
Le Grande Puissance: thirty years ago, the Browning High Power was the dominant large-capacity 9mm pistol. Now it may appeal primarily to nostalgia fans, but Kokalis says it makes for a fascinating collector field. Mar 20, 2013 3894
LWRCI's REPR short-stroke gas piston AR-type sniper system: these Maryland-made rifles have established an excellent reputation for quality, and Kokalis says this one is the most accurate AR variant he's ever tested. Mar 1, 2013 5204
SIG Sauer P290RS: Kokalis found the SIG P938 easy to conceal, hard to enjoy shooting. This one's a bit larger and heavier, and it's a lot more fun to shoot. Feb 1, 2013 2943
Ultimate gas impingement AR KAC SR-15E3 IWS SBR Carbine: you may have thought that a rifle from Knight's Armament would be out of your price range, but Kokalis says that, while they aren't cheap, the features are worth it. Company overview Jan 1, 2013 8206
Chauchat Machine Rifle brilliant "walking fire" innovation or worst machine gun of all time? You have heard it's the greatest piece of junk ever foisted on an infantryman, but who do you know who's fired one, much less owns one? PGK provides the answers on this notorious piece of French ordnance. Dec 1, 2012 5968
A brief history of the Sturmgewehr. Nov 20, 2012 966
The fallen star: this Spanish pistol maker had a long and productive run, but ultimately couldn't prevail against market conditions and changing tastes. Nov 20, 2012 7485
AK47 revisited and improved Arsenal SLR-101S: Kokalis has written before about these well-made AK variants, and there's a new one, along with an AK "pistol" model that he likes every bit as well. Nov 1, 2012 5464
Dynamite in a small package SIG Sauer P938: if you're one of those traditionalists who's just not ready to trust the .380, SIG now offers 9mm power in a tiny package. Just be ready for the kick. Oct 1, 2012 4171
LWRCI's 5.56MM M6A2 SBRS: if you haven't tried an SBR yet, now's the time, and this one could be the right choice. Maryland manufacturer LWRCI is making big noise in the AR world with innovative, well-built rifles. Product/service evaluation Sep 20, 2012 6022
Springfield's M21 Tactical: Vietnam-era M14 Sniper Weapon System updated. Sep 1, 2012 7039
Handgun of the Fallschirmjager Sauer's revolutionary 38(H). Aug 1, 2012 3491
German World War II sniper rifles: interest in Nazi small arms and accessories continues to grow unabated, but Kokalis says buyer beware when selecting a German sniper rifle. Jul 20, 2012 8201
Small arms of the Volkssturm: the Germans had the very best until near the end of World War II, when anything that would fire a bullet was pressed into combat service. Jul 1, 2012 4738
Del-Ton's extreme duty 316: minimalist semiautomatic-only M4: looking for an AR that closely copies the standard M4 carbine? Here's one that fills the bill at a popular price. Jun 1, 2012 4083
SIG Sauer's venerable P220 gets an "extreme" facelift: the original SIG double-action has long been a favorite of the connoisseur, and now there's a new version intended for hard service duty. May 1, 2012 3496
The world's heaviest "light" machine gun maxim mg08/15: Kokalis says tris wort war I relic is one of the most COT on belt fees along U.S. collectors, and both its design and history take it Interesting,. Apr 20, 2012 3613
3 tommy guns: Kokalis recounts the history of the breed through three of his personal Thompsons. Both his story and theirs have some twists and turns. Mar 20, 2012 5941
Cottonmouth: long range poison: there's a new breed of short-barreled precision rifles out there that are both handy and very accurate. If you've got the toll, he says, this Arizona product is well worth a look. Mar 1, 2012 3493
Ruger's SR1911: Bill Ruger, Sr., tried and succeeded with a lot of things in firearms design. But one thing he never tried was to make a 1911. That's changed, and Kokalis says the wait was worth it. Feb 1, 2012 3888
SIG SAUER P210 legend: a great classic revised, reborn and brought up to speed. Jan 20, 2012 4932
Madsen M50: Looking to make the leap into machine guns? Kokalis, who's owned hundreds in his time, says you can't go wrong with this reliable and low - priced SMG from Denmark. Jan 1, 2012 3598
POF.308 carbine: Kokalis liked his 5.56mm SBR (7/20/10 issue), and he likes its bigger 7.62mm brother just as well. Dec 1, 2011 5915
SCAR: FN's newest small arms system: these rifles have until recently been a lot easier to read about than to find. Now that they're more commonly available, we give them the Kokalis treatment. Nov 20, 2011 4567
High standard M1911A1: high standard never made 1911s for the military, but now it's very much in the business, with some very economical versions of the classic American auto. Nov 1, 2011 5022
Les Baer everything you need: this 1911 variant, equally suitable for sport or defense, has been a mainstay of the Baer lineup for 20 years. For very good reason, Kokalis says. Product/service evaluation Oct 1, 2011 4697
A natural evolution: think there's nothing new under the black gun sun? check out this new AR variant from SIG. Product/service evaluation Sep 20, 2011 6784
FN's special police rifle an American classic in a new configuration: no American bolt gun enjoys the mystique of the Winchester Model 70, and its action is the basis for a versatile and accurate tactical rifle from FN. Sep 1, 2011 3999
A contradiction in terms: "semiautomatic-only machine gun": this pan-fed classic is rare and very expensive in full-auto form, but you can get most of the fun with this semi-auto conversion. Aug 20, 2011 5483
The dawn of the subcompact nine: Kimber's Solo Nine: if you just can't bring yourself to count on a .380 when the chips are down, this tiny 9mm may be the perfect security blanket. Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2011 4003
The new M110 compact from Knight'S Armament. Jul 20, 2011 6471
Russia's enigmatic and mysterious PSM Pipsqueak? Clandestine affairs? Badge of rank? KGB Pistol ? Most of us have seen it pictured, but very few have fired it. Kokalis is one of them, and clears up some misconceptions about this little pocket pistol. Jul 1, 2011 3299
Canadian machine gun fun part 2: last time (5/20 issue), he covered some classic British rifle-caliber arms. Now Kokalis eyeballs some coveted SMGs and a Russian squad auto. Jun 20, 2011 3222
Dominator GG&G's new AR upper receiver: Kokalis says this new GG&G offering provides just the right combination of features and value for the black rifle user. Jun 1, 2011 4835
Canadian machine gun fun part 1: he's documented some classic machine guns marooned up north (12/20 issue). Now he enjoys some full-auto classics that can, under certain narrow circumstances, still be fired. May 20, 2011 3572
FNP-45 Tactical your tax dollars at work: the joint combat pistol program hasn't so far yielded a new sidearm for the armed forces, but civilian shooters are enjoying a parade of feature-laden. 45s developed for it, including this one from FN. May 1, 2011 5964
The original .357 MAG. pistol returns. Product/service evaluation Apr 20, 2011 4479
Sterling L2A3 submachine gun: it's very rare that even the smallest quantity of transferable machine guns comes on the market. When the gun in question is a classic, impeccably presented, it's really news. Apr 1, 2011 3253
DSA's RPDS: "semiautomatic-only machine gun" may be an oxymoron, but that's not stopping people from buying them. Kokalis says this is one of the most interesting of the breed. Mar 20, 2011 5292
The Regent R100 pistol: old-school 1911s are getting renewed interest these days, and here's one from an unusual source that recreates the World War II look. Mar 1, 2011 2734
Machine gun treasure trove trapped in Canadian ice forever: part 2: in part 1 (12/20 issue), Kokalis told how an American collector took his rare machine guns north of the border in 1973. Unfortunately, they'll likely never be seen here again. Fortunately, Kokalis has documented some of the most interesting examples. Feb 20, 2011 4094
Liberator reborn the historic and mysterious World-War-II-era FP-45 makes a comeback: it was one of the cheapest guns ever made, but getting your hands on an original is far from cheap. Now there's a well-made reproduction. Feb 1, 2011 4039
Arsenal's authentic Russian AK74 sidefolder: want something that looks just like what the Motherland's ground-pounders are carrying? Kokalis says this is the most authentic choice you can make. Product/service evaluation Jan 20, 2011 6392
Kimber's dynamic new Super Carry Pro: Kokalis is a longtime Kimber fan, and this new Custom Shop offering for concealed carry is right down his alley. Product/service evaluation Jan 1, 2011 4426
Trapped in Canadian ice forever: part 1: when a U.S. Army veteran took his collection north of the border in 1973, he probably didn't imagine it would have to stay there. Now some full-auto rarities will have to stay in the great white north. Dec 20, 2010 885
XD--93.8: shortening the grip frame is the usual tactic for creating a compact. Springfield left the handle long this time, for maximum firepower. Dec 1, 2010 3170
PTR - 32 a mysterious, clandestine rifle resurrected: why did the Germans order a few hundred HK rifles in 762x39mm? We may never know, but now you can have a close reproduction of one. Nov 20, 2010 5318
Kahr's pistol pint-sized polymer: Kahr Arms made its bones with compact pocket pistols; now it has joined the gold rush of .380 ACP autos. Product/service evaluation Nov 1, 2010 3543
Karabiner-S the mysterious (and rare) East German SKS: the Chinese SKS is a dime a dozen, but if you see one of these, be ready to reach for the checkbook; it's the rarest variant in this country. Oct 10, 2010 3153
Ultimate AUG: originals from the early 1990s are sought-after collector's items. Now this groundbreaking Austrian bullpup is made in the USA. Oct 1, 2010 6596
A semiautomatic MP44? Yes, and Kokalis says it's well worth the price if you've always lusted after a Sturmgewehr. Numbers are limited so get out the checkbook! Sep 20, 2010 5887
Century Arms brings back everyman's M1911: looking for a well-equipped M1911 at a popular price? This Philippine product provides a lot of value for the money, Kokalis says. Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2010 3164
Enter the Dragon Doublestar M1911: Kokalis says this fighting 1911 offers real value in a pistol that has everything you need, nothing you don't. Product/service evaluation Aug 20, 2010 3638
BAR pride of the Marine Corps or one of John Browning's lesser designs? This classic full-auto perfectly fulfilled its original requirements, but less than adequately served in a LMG role for which it wasn't originally intended. Product/service evaluation Aug 1, 2010 4608

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