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Koga, Mineichi (1885-1944).

Japanese admiral. Principal war: World War II (1941-1945). Principal battles: Hong Kong (1941); Central Pacific Campaigns (1943-1944).

Born in Saga prefecture (1885); graduated from the Naval Academy (1906); after graduation from the Naval Staff College (1915) he held a number of shore staff appointments (1916-1920); resident officer in France (1920-1922), then promoted captain (1926) and served as naval attache in Paris (1926-1928); commanded a cruiser and then a battleship (1930-1931); promoted rear admiral (1932) and appointed chief of the Intelligence Division, Naval General Staff (1933); vice chief of the Naval General Staff (1937); commander of the 2d Fleet (1939); as commander of the China Area Fleet (September 1941) he participated in operations resulting in the capture of Hong Kong (December 9-31); succeeded Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto as commander of the Combined Fleet (May 1943) after Yamamoto was killed by American aircraft (April 18); he endeavored to lure the American fleet into a major naval battle, which could turn the war in Japan's favor, but the steady erosion of Japanese land-based and carrier-based air power in the central Pacific compelled the withdrawal of naval forces from the Marianas and the Philippines; during the evacuation of Combined Fleet headquarters from Cebu, he was killed when his plane crashed in a storm (April 1944); posthumously promoted admiral of the fleet. <BL>

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