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Kofax Adds High-Speed Color Image Processing and Advanced Bar Code Recognition to Its Adrenaline Line of Scanning Enhancement Engines.

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30, 2001

Kofax has added major new color and automated data collection features to its industry-standard Adrenaline line of high-speed document scanner enhancement engines.

These features can reduce costs, accelerate indexing, improve forms recognition and speed workflow.

The new Adrenaline engines enable color deskew, color cropping and color bar code recognition without any modifications to applications developed with the Kofax ImageControls toolkit. The new features are automatically enabled during installation of the new Adrenaline engines.

"Color can dramatically improve bar code read rates -- even at lower scan resolutions -- and makes a variety of new and more efficient indexing and workflow strategies possible," said J.D. Moons, product marketing manager for Kofax's Image Processing Business Unit.

New Adrenaline 650i Pumps Color at Production Speeds

The Adrenaline 650i is a new addition to the line which has been designed specifically for the high throughput required for production color scanning. It includes all of the new color processing and recognition upgrades plus a new 40 MB/sec Wide Ultra SCSI interface specifically designed, certified and supported for production scanners.

New Bar Code Engine Enables Wider Adoption of Automated Indexing

Bar codes are the most popular method of automated document indexing. Until now, the lack of bar code readers which could utilize color images has limited wider adoption of color document scanning. The new Kofax bar code engine not only reads low-resolution color images, but also improves recognition from black-and-white images and adds the ability to read high-density 2-D bar codes.

Color Bar Codes

Adrenaline's color capabilities enable the new bar code reader to recognize color scans of bar codes at low resolutions. The bar codes themselves are not generated in color, but a color-savvy reader can more accurately read bar codes even when color scanned at 100 or 150 dpi. Black-and-white scanning typically requires at least 200 dpi for reasonable accuracy.

This new bar code engine recognizes lower resolution color scans more accurately than the previous black-and-white engine utilizing 200 dpi data. The lower resolution also accelerates scanning and reduces storage and network requirements, which makes color production scanning more feasible. Even highly skewed or damaged bar codes or bar codes partially obscured by rubber stamps may be read with high accuracy.

Reads High-Density, Error-Correcting Bar Codes

Traditional one-dimensional bar codes encode a product or account number in the bar code's one-dimensional width. These are the linear codes often viewed on store purchases and which are currently employed in document scanning and indexing. Two-dimensional bar codes, such as PDF417, MaxiCode and DataMatrix, are scanned horizontally and vertically and hold considerably more data in less space. The 2-D matrix code expands the number of available characters from approximately 30 to more than 2,000. A 2-D bar code may contain a full page of data, enough to encode all the information related to a document. They can even include encoded graphics.

2-D Bar Code Application Examples

Parcel Shipping

2-D bar codes can eliminate manual package sorting and manual entry of shipping information. A large volume shipper can install software provided by its carrier which prints airbills with human-readable text and machine-readable PDF417-encoded text.

Accounts Payable

Large organizations may receive hundreds of invoices daily. At the customer's request, the supplier can print a PDF417 bar code on each invoice. This small code contains the complete content of the invoice. The customer decreases data-entry costs and the supplier gets paid sooner.

Archived Paper Records Conversion

The use of separator sheets employing 2-D bar codes, which encode complete indexing information for each document, means that the entire back file conversion can be accomplished using outsourcing, and without explicit access to the master data. In addition, the resulting fully indexed and imaged back-file can be published on CD-ROMs.

Enables Advanced Scan Settings

ImageControls 3.6 now supports advanced scanner settings available with Kodak scanners, such as multi-feed, crop, deskew and black border removal, all profile settings available in Kofax VRS and the Advanced Settings from the "More" dialog box within ISIS drivers.

Availability and Upgrades

The new Adrenaline 650i, which includes all of the new features that enable production color scanning, will be available this summer. End users who purchased Adrenaline 850 or 1700 image processing engines after May 1 may obtain a free upgrade to the new bar code engine beginning in July.

About Kofax

Kofax Image Products (, a division of the DICOM Group plc, is a leading developer of application software and image processing products for the Electronic Data and Document Capture (EDC) market. EDC is essential to helping paper-intensive organizations economically, reliably and securely incorporate paper-based information into their electronic business processes.

Note to Editors: VirtualReScan is a trademark of Kofax Image Products Inc. Adrenaline, ImageControls and Kofax are registered trademarks of Kofax Image Products Inc. ISIS is a registered trademark of Pixel Translations, a division of ActionPoint Software Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 30, 2001
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