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Kocot, Noelle. Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems.

KOCOT, Noelle. Poem for the end of time and other poems. Wave Books. 68p. c2006, 1933517-01-8. $12.00. SA

It is not easy to write confessional, emotionally charged poetry without sounding melodramatic, but Noelle Kocot manages to do so brilliantly in this strong collection. These are poems that grab your attention from the opening lines and refuse to let it go until they have come full circle. They are smart, evocative, and brutal in their honesty.

When Kocot writes in the poem titled "Lithium"--"I have my finger on the pulse of something / My mind is a sea that eats me, / the fidgety harmony of two trains passing"--she is not lying. As you move through the poems in this collection, you will see that she does indeed have her finger on the pulse of something tremendous--the state of the modern mind. Whether she is writing about love that "soils at the drip of a tendon" or her perception of American life--"America your saints are scarecrows / America your manifest destiny is Starbucks"--Kocot's poems are confident and dynamic.

While her writing is largely fueled by personal feelings and strong opinions, Kocot does not isolate or overwhelm her readers. Rather, she crafts her poems in such a way that it is impossible not to recognize in them traces of your own experiences and sentiments. This is a rich, roller coaster-ride of a book that will not disappoint you. Beth Lizardo, College Student, NY

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Author:Lizardo, Beth
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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