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KnowledgeSet intros new version of ITS indexing and retrieval software.

KnowledgeSet Intros New Version of ITS Indexing and Retrieval Software

KnowledgeSet Corporation, a developer of software systems for information management, has introduced a new version of its full-text indexing and retrieval software that is fully compatible with Apple HyperCard 2.0 stacks. The product, HyperKRS 2.0, has several new features including incremental indexing capabilities and international character support that expand its range of applications.

HyperKRS, a full-text retrieval system available for HyperCard, is designed to search entire stacks in seconds, regardless of size. Stacks are run through an indexing process that identifies the exact location of every word in the stack. When a search is performed, the retrieval engine searches the entire indexed stack and immediately displays a "hit list" of all the card titles in the stack that meet the search criteria.

With previous versions of HyperKRS, the entire stack had to be completely reindexed each time stack text was modified. With the incremental indexing capabilities of HyperKRS 2.0, HyperCard users that work with frequently changing data can index just the modified text, which is then merged with the existing index file, saving both time and effort.

According to Gail Bower, product marketing manager at KnowledgeSet, "The incremental indexing feature makes HyperKRS suitable for any personal, corporate or commercial HyperCard stack. Now, users with static or dynamic data can take advantage of the retrieval speed and access that HyperKRS brings to HyperCard searches." She added, "International character support further expands the range of applications for HyperKRS 2.0 to foreign language stacks and the international marketplace."

HyperKRS 2.0 also features a new built-in pop-up word list that allows users to alphabetically view all of the words in the stack. This list helps users with spelling questions and also speeds search requests. Users simply select a word from the list and it is automatically pasted into the search screen.

HyperKRS allows HyperCard users to search for a single word or build a complex query by providing a variety of search methods including And, OR, But Not, Exact Order, Wildcard, Proximity and Field Specific searching. When a hit list is displayed, each card title listing indicates how many hits are in that card so the user can judge its relevancy. Hypertext is then used to select and display the desired cards. Next/Previous functions enable the user to quickly view all the hits.

In addition, HyperIndexer features a variable bit descriptor that allows it to work with any stack configuration and stacks of any size. It will index any number of stacks with any number of cards, paragraphs, fields and words.

HyperKRS 2.0 is priced at $195.00 for a starter package which consists of HyperIndexer, the full-word indexing system, and HyperKRS, the full-text search and retrieval engine. The products are provided as external commands (XCMDs) and external functions (XFNCs) and work equally well for information stored on either magnetic media or CD-ROM. Registered users of HyperKRS 1.1 can upgrade to the HyperKRS 2.0 starter package for $29.95. Free upgrades will be provided for registered users who purchased HyperKRS 1.1 after April 30, 1990. For additional pricing information, contact KnowledgeSet at 1/800-456-0469.

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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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