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Knowledge management efforts expanded at LandWarNet eUniversity.

The Signal Center continues to offer expanded training capabilities to units at any point in the Army Force Generation cycle. We offer anytime, anywhere on demand training for multiple training requirements. Also, through the use of a variety of new equipment based simulations, LandWarNet eUniversity offers the opportunity to train on some of the latest equipment being fielded.

Unit universities now offer custom pre-deployment training for rotating units

The LandWarNet eUniversity Extension Campus has greatly expanded its outreach program for deploying units. The extension campus coordinator will work with gaining units and commanders to create custom unit universities to support site specific training requirements. Currently, there are more than 30 unit universities on the extension campus that provide sustainment training on signal military occupational specialties, information technology, and communications equipment to Active, Guard, Reserve, and Joint services.

Recent unit university additions to the LWN-eU Extension Campus include: 35th Signal Brigade, 112th Signal Battalion, 36th Signal Battalion, 529th Signal Company, 101st Sustainment Brigade, 310th and 316th Expeditionary Sustainment Commands. Unit universities can deliver training that cannot be obtained locally to forces in ARFORGEN reset, sustainment, or deployed in theaters of operation. Individual Soldiers can access their unit university anywhere they can connect to the Internet.


Unit universities are created and hosted on the Blackboard Learning Content Management System. This system has built-in features that provide commanders and training managers the tools and ability to monitor, track, and assess training at the unit or individual Soldier level using the checks for learning developed by the unit. Unit universities give commanders and Soldiers a single location for accessing training developed by the Signal Center.

Examples of training content that can be immediately loaded onto a unit university range from installing, operating, and maintaining a Joint Network Node to navigate using the Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver. All of the training content comes from the same program of instruction used for resident courses at Fort Gordon.

Also readily available on unit universities is quick access to professional forums and more than 500 downloadable products, interactive multimedia instruction, and computer-based training programs. Recent and popular downloads include: AN/TSC-156A Phoenix simulator, local area network/wide area network simulator, Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below simulation, and single-channeled ground to air radio systems multimedia instruction. For more information on, or to request a unit university, contact Floyd Orial, LWN-eU Signal Extension Campus coordinator, (contractor--General Dynamics Information Technology),, DSN 780-2571 or commercial (706) 791-2571.

State-of-the-art support for Army Force Generation

Interactive multimedia instruction greatly enhances and standardizes instruction for AC and RC units throughout the force when self development, sustainment, refresher and remedial training are conducted. The following virtual/PC-based simulators are available or will be made available via LandWarNet eU ( and LandWarnet eU Signal ( web portals to facilitate communications equipment operations training:

Fielded SIMS


Fielded: April 2007

Target Audience: 25B, C, F, L, P, Q, S, U, W, 250N, 251A, 53A, 25A LT/CPT

2. Phoenix (Version A)

Fielded: April 2007

Target Audience: 25S

3. SATCOM Hub (S 5-7)

Fielded: March 2007

Target Audience: 25S

4. Baseband Hub (S 2-4)

Fielded: February 2006

Target Audience 25N

5. JNN (S 1)

Fielded: October 2005

Target Audience: 25N

6. BN-CPN (S 1)

Fielded: October 2005

Target Audience: 25B

7. KU (S 1)

Fielded: October 2005

Target Audience: 25Q


Fielded: October 2005

Target Audience: 25B


Fielded: October 2005

Target Audience: 25B


Fielded: October 2005

Target Audience: 25Q

11. GSC-52

Fielded: January 2004

Target Audience: 25S

12. BSN

Fielded: October 2004

Target Audience: 25F, Q, P

13. FBCB2

Fielded: October 2003

Target Audience: 25U

14. TRC-173

Fielded: November 2001

Target Audience: 25P, Q

15. 85/93

Target Audience: 25S


New SIMS under development: Fiscal years 2008-2009

Single Shelter Switch (V3)

Final Delivery: April 2008

Target Audience: 25N, 25F

Nodal Network

Projected fielding: September 2009

Target Audience: 25N, 25B, 25Q, 25S


For more information on the status of interactive courseware and virtual/PC-based simulator training products, contact Bennita Freeman, chief, Distance Education Branch at DSN 780-2303 or MAJ Chuck Dugle, chief, Simulations Branch at DSN 780-8681 or commercial at (706) 791-8681.

Acronym QuickScan

ARFORGEN--Army Force Generation

BCKS--Battle Command Knowledge System

DAGR--Defense Advanced GPS Receiver

FBCB2--Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below

FY--fiscal year

GPS--global positioning system

ICW--Interactive Courseware

LAN--local area network

LWN-eU--LandWarNet eUniversity

MOS--military occupational specialties

SCCC--Signal Captains Career Course


SINCGARS--single-channeled ground to air radio systems

SSS--single shelter switch

TRADOC--Training and Doctrine Command

UIT--University of Information Technology

WAN--wide area network
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