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Knowledge management efforts expanded at LandWarNet eUniversity.

The Signal School has partnered with the Battle Command Knowledge System out of Fort Leavenworth, to foster collaboration among Soldiers and units in order to share expertise and experience. Battle Command Knowledge System provides training on Knowledge Management to select personnel in each unit on their role and responsibilities as members of their Unit's Knowledge Management Cell. We are also expanding our outreach to unit trainers in other areas through our Extension Campus program to provide customized training content throughout the Army on demand.

LandWarNet eUniversity Signal Extension Campus provides an online training resource to commanders.

The LandWarNet eUniversity Signal Extension Campus has grown significantly and now enables commanders to tailor and manage their unit training using individual virtual extension campuses. The virtual extension campuses are created and administered by Lifelong Learning Center personnel at Fort Gordon and contain training products and courses tailored to each unit's training requirements; providing sustainment training on Signal military occupational specialties, information technology and communications equipment. This on-line training is MOS based classroom training material developed by Fort Gordon training developers and approved by the Fort Gordon Directorate of Training.

The virtual extension campus sites also provide quick access to the latest Interactive Courseware and Simulator products available for download via LandWarNet eUniversity. In addition to the training provided by Fort Gordon, unit training personnel can load unit specific training created by their unit onto virtual extension campuses. Incorporated into every virtual extension campus are tools for leaders to manage and monitor the progress of the unit's training down to the individual Soldier level. Unit Soldiers can access their virtual extension campus training from any computer that has access to the internet.

Examples of training that can be immediately loaded on your individual virtual extension campus site include Information Technology/ Networking, Promina, Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below, Network Management, ISYSCON, Joint Network Node, Tactical Radios, Multiplexing, Multichannel Systems, and Satellite Communications Systems. To request the creation of specific training for your unit use the virtual extension campuses.

Virtual Extension Campuses can be established for any Active, Reserve, or National Guard Unit regardless of size. Recent additions to the LWN-eU Extension Campus include: 335th Signal Command (Theater), 359th Signal Brigade, 93rd Signal Brigade, and 392nd Signal Battalion. Other unit relationships have been established to provide units deployed in Iraq and Kuwait with training via LandWarNet eUniversity Signal Extension Campus.

For more information on, or to request a virtual extension campus, contact Floyd Orial, Lifelong Learning Center LWN-eU Signal Extension Campus Coordinator, (contractor--General Dynamics Information Technology),, DSN 780-2571 or commercial (706) 791-2571.

Support training and education during all phases of the Army Force Generation.

The support of education and training is a prime objective of the University of Information Technology Division. Evaluation of Interactive Courseware and Virtual/PC-Based Simulators is a pivotal process in making this objective a reality. The process of evaluation is vital in getting distributed learning products to the force. This becomes more critical as greater reliance is placed on distributed learning products to train the force and enhance the skillsets of Soldiers and civilians. The courseware evaluation process is the cornerstone of quality training.

UIT provides oversight of the validation phase of the evaluation process for ICW and Virtual/PC-Based Simulators released to the force. Validation was completed for the following ICW and Simulators fielded in FY06:

* 25S10 Satellite Systems Operator/ Maintainer Course ICW (Target audience: 25S10)

* Signal Captains Career Course Phase 2 ICW (Target audience: Signal Captains)

Validation is underway for the following ICW and Simulators scheduled for FY07 fielding:

* SCCC Phase 4 ICW (Target audience: Signal Captains)

* LAN/WAN Simulator (Target audience: 25B30 TATS-C)

* SATCOM System Operator-Maintainer Common Core (SCP) ICW (Target audience: 25S10)

* Phoenix (AN/TSC-156) Simulator (TGT Audience: 25S10)

* SATCOM Hub (AN/TSC-169) Simulator (Target audience: 25S10)

* 85/93 (AN/TSC-85/93) Simulator (TGT Audience: 25S10)

Validation will occur for the following Simulators scheduled for FY08 fielding:

S6 Simulator (Target audience: 25A, FA53, 250N, 254A, 25U50) JNN-N Simulator Upgrades (From Spirals 1-4, To Spirals 5-7 and Spiral 8)

Validation will occur for the Nodal Network Simulator (Target audience: All JNN-N officers, warrant officers, NCOs and Soldiers) in FY09.

During the validation process, subject matter experts, instructors, training developers, and Active and/or Reserve Component Soldiers who represent members of the "target audience" for courseware work together to ensure a "Fully Functional" product is delivered to Soldiers in a resident school or field environment prior to final delivery of the product. In short, the validation phase checks the products for usability, efficiency, effectiveness, doctrinal and technical correctness, and compliance with current Army/ TRADOC policy and TRADOC Technical Media Standards. This is akin to the "Final Exam" for courseware in the final phases of development.

In addition to the aforementioned ICW and Simulators scheduled for validation and fielding in FY 07-09, the following 11 Simulators are currently available for download from LandWarNet eUniversity:

* JNN/BDE Transit Cases (AN/ TSC-59, Spiral 1) Simulator (Target audience: 25N10)

* BNCPN (OM/87-T, Spiral 1) Simulator (Target audience: 25B10)

* KU BAND Trailer (AN/ TSC-167, Spiral 1) Simulator (Target audience: 25Q10)

* Digital Tactical Operations (DTOC) Simulator (Target audience: 25B10)

* Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS) Simulator (TGT Audience: 25B10)

* HCLOS (AN/GRC-245, V3) Simulator (Target audience: 25Q10)

* TRC-173 (AN/TRC-173B) Simulator (Target audience: 25P10, 25Q10)

* FBCB2 (AN/UYK-128) Simulator (Target audience: 25U10)

* GSC-52 (An/GSC-52A) Simulator (Target audience: 25S10)

* BSN (AN/TYC-25) Simulator (Target audience: 25F10, 25Q10, 25P10)

For resident training and distributed learning these Signal Center Simulators are used in lieu of actual equipment, for concurrent training, remedial training, and practical exercises. As a nonresident training tool these Signal Center Simulators support Sergeant's Time Training, Soldier sustainment training and professional development.

For more information on the status of ICW and Simulator training products, contact Bennita Freeman, chief, Distance Education Branch at DSN 780-2303 or MAJ Chuck Dugle, chief, Simulations Branch at DSN 780-8681 or commercial at (706) 791-8681.


BCKS--Battle Command Knowledge System

FBCB2--Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below

FY--fiscal year

ICW--Interactive Courseware

LWN-eU--LandWarNet eUniversity

MOS--military occupational specialties

SCCC--Signal Captains Career Course

TRADOC--Training and Doctrine Command

UIT--University of Information Technology
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