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Knowledge bowl #1.

Playing this Knowledge Bowl game is a fun and easy way for students to review keg facts and ideas from Junior Scholastic this year. This game (the first of six this school year) covers our most recent issues: September 3, September 1?, and October 1.

To play, assign students to the following roles:

* Quizmaster: Reads each question.

* Players: Two, three, or four teams of similar size.

* Scorekeeper.


* Players select a category and question number. If they answer correctly, they earn points for their team (see chart at right). If they answer incorrectly, the next team tries the same question (unless it is a True or False item).

* Teams should take turns, in order, answering the questions. Players also take turns within their teams.

* The game lasts until all the questions have been answered.

In each category, award the following
points for each correct answer:

Question #1 5 Points
Question #2 10 Points
Question #3 15 Points
Question #4 20 Points
Question #5 25 Points
Question #6 30 Points



1. True or False? Tehran is Iraq's capital. (false; Iran's)

2. Russia spans which continents? (Asia and Europe)

3. Iran is the world's fourth-highest exporter of what? (oil)

4. Which countries signed the trade agreement called NAFTA? (Canada, Mexico, U.S.)

5. Name Russia's President. (Vladimir Putin)

6. What is the world's second-most-populous city? (Mexico City)


1. True or False? John G. Roberts Jr. is Chief Justice of the U.S. (true)

2. Why doesn't the Constitution mention political parties? (They didn't exist when it was written.)

3. What historic U.S. event took place on September 7, 17897 (signing of Constitution)

4. How many Justices formed the majority in the Parents v. Seattle School District case? (five)

5. How did the Supreme Court rule in the 200? case on school diversity policies? (that they were unconstitutional when based on race)

6. Which President won four elections before a two-term limit was added to the Constitution? (Franklin D. Roosevelt)


1. True or False? Slaves built Egypt's pyramids. (false; free farmers)

2. What did Brown v. Board of Education declare unconstitutional? (segregated schools)

3. Why did ancient Egyptians build pyramids? (as tombs for pharaohs)

4. The Iroquois Nations fought on whose side in the French and Indian War? (Britain)

5. Who was President when the Little Rock Nine integrated Central High? (Dwight O. Eisenhower)

6. Colonist William Johnson was adopted by which Indian tribe? (the Mohawk)


1. True or False? Cyberbullying is illegal in some states. (true)

2. How is the brain like a muscle? (gets stronger the more it's used)

3. Permission to enter and travel within a country for a limited time is called what? (visa)

4. What kind of program is Elwood Middle School's Operation Respect? (antibullying)

5. What three steps do experts suggest for stopping cyberbullying? (Stop, Block, & Tell)

6. More than 82 percent of the population of Union City, New Jersey, is of which ethnic group? (Hispanic)


1. True or False? All longitude lines meet at the poles. (true)

2. The International Bate Line cuts through which ocean? (Pacific)

3. The Census Bureau divides the U.S. into how many main regions? (four)

4. Which imaginary lines measure distance north and south of the equator? (latitude)

5. The world is divided into how many time zones? (24)

6. The Mason-Dixon Line once marked the division of what? (free states and slave states)


1. True or False? Eli Manning was MVP of last winter's Super Bowl. (false; Peyton Manning)

2. Which 1938 comic book introduced readers to Superman? (Action Comics)

3. Who disappeared during a historic flight in 19377 (Amelia Earhart)

4. What kind of fossil was found by two bogs in McMinville, Oregon? (mammoth's tooth)

5. What made Oscar Pistorius's request to compete in the Olympics unusual? (He has two artificial legs.)

6. Who were Chang and Eng? (Siamese twins)
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