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Know your law.


I am a regular cyclist but have lost count of the times when inconsiderate car drivers have soaked me in bad weather or caused me to nearly and actually fall off my bike. Do I have any rights out there on the road?

Yes, you do. Drivers who drench cyclists and other road users by driving through puddles or cause them to fall off their bikes face a maximum fine of pounds 2,500 and up to nine points on their licence for driving without due care and attention - if their victims go to the police.

Falling off a bike on the road constitutes an accident and drivers who ignore riders they cause to fall off and be injured face a maximum fine of pounds 5,000 and between five and 10 points on their licence.

But witnesses are key to successful prosecutions in such cases. Securing the help of a pedestrian or other road user who saw the incident is crucial in establishing whether drivers deliberately, carelessly or unavoidably soaked cyclist or caused them to fall off. CCTV images, if available, can also be used as evidence of inconsiderate driving.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 21, 2004
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