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Know where to invest to give yourself a 'year-end' bonus and earn higher returns.

Mumbai: The year of 2017 has come to an end but the lot of us may not receive year-end bonus cheques just yet. The financial year in India will come to a close only by March 31, 2018; however you can still prepare for a handsome 'year-end' bonus.

So as we all prepare our new year's resolution list, let's keep in mind a thing or two about investing.

Starting a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of just Rs 2,000 may be a good start.

A 25-year old investor that called into Zee Business' Mutual Fund Investment helpline said he wanted his investment to stay put for 15-20 years with a good risk appetite.

"To get higher returns than debt funds with a moderate risk appetite then a fair expectation is to invest in mutual funds," Feroz Azeez, certified financial planner, Anand Rathi told Zeebiz.

The investor was advised to divide his earnings by putting 80% in equity and 20% in debt funds, assuming 13% as rate of return on investment.

Other SIP options that were recommended during the show were - L&T India Prudence balanced fund and SBI Dual Advantage debt funds.

"My favourite schemes for 2018 and forward in the mid-cap category is HDFC mid-cap opportunities. It is a Rs 20,000 crore mid-cap fund but has performed very well," Azeez said.

If you have a lump sum amount saved up in your savings account, a report by ET Mutual Funds suggest investing in Systematic Transfer Plans.

STPs are those where an investor invests a lump sum amount in one scheme and regularly transfers or switches a pre-defined amount into another scheme. Every month on a specified date an amount you choose is transferred from one mutual fund scheme to another of your choice.

For illustration purposes the report pointed out that if an investor has received Rs 10 lakh which could be invested in an equity fund. The sum could be garnered from an employer or sale of property and other assets.

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Date:Jan 6, 2018
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