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Know the air flow.

Every good operator knows that good air flow keeps the compactor running like a race horse.

Here's a PM reminder to keep in mind while you brush up on TM 5-3805-380-10.

A clean air filter element is crucial, especially in dusty areas. Keep an eye on the air cleaner indicator next to the canister. If the indicator moves from yellow to red, open the canister and pull out the primary air filter.

Use low-pressure air from a nearby tactical vehicle to blow air--30 psi or less--from inside out to loosen dirt and sand from the compactor's primary air filter element. Never bang the filter on a rock or hard surface. Replace the primary air filter element once a year, or after six cleanings.

The secondary filter is inside the primary. When it becomes clogged, replace it. How do you tell if it's clogged? Like this:

* After installing a clean or new primary filter element, the indicator moves into the red zone when you start the engine or you see black exhaust smoke.

* When you've reset the indicator and it stays in the red zone after installing a new or clean primary filter element.
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