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Knockout room re-do's.

Four girls. Four cribs. Fab friends. A few designers. A couple of carpenters. And a whole bunch of bedroom-bumping imagination. GL girls get complete pad overhauls thanks to the team from ABC Family's home-decorating show Knock First (tune in weekdays at 5:30 p.m.).


BEFORE Hand-me-down furniture. A total lack of organization. No color scheme A flea-market feel.

AFTER Sleek and swanky. A bed fit for a princess. Superb shelving and desk space. Hubcap city.

Francesca is a total rock star. Unfortunately, her room didn't reflect her wild-and-crazy personality. She needed a space that screamed, "Welcome to my world!" not "Enter at your own risk." So the Knock First crew and Francesca's friends rolled up their sleeves and were on the case. How did they get this new retro-rockin' look? A rad red paint job, to start. They then tossed in some simple color-coordinated shelving, eye-catching wall decor and a few hubcaps. Yes, hubcaps. A little-known secret--you can get them in four-packs at Target for a mere $15 or less. What stays? Animal-print bedding, furry throw rugs, a soft-green chair and the desk-minus-the-hutch (instructions follow). A platform was built in the corner of the room to put Francesca's bed on display. Voila! Rock star royalty.

DESK DO-OVER Convert a drab old desk into a dynamite new one that might even get you excited about doing homework! Francesca's old black desk was covered with water stains and other unpleasant signs of wear and tear. So she and the gang painted zebra stripes on it! To get the same wild look, all you need are a pencil, paintbrush and paint. 1) Draw the pattern in pencil directly onto the desk's surface. 2) Paint alternating white stripes. Let dry, and paint the rest of the stripes black (unless, like Francesca's, your existing surface is already black). Use a small paintbrush, so you can get the striped tips to be sharp. (3) After painting the desk, jazz it up even further by adding funky new drawer pulls. You'll need a hot-glue gun and colored strips of furry fabric. Simply cut the fabric, and glue it around he drawer pulls. Done!


BEFORE Major clutter. Plain white walls. A safety hazard. Zero pizzazz.

AFTER Clean lines. Super storage solutions. Mellow yellow and brazen blue. A curly-cue CD shelf.

No, Tashia didn't throw everything out on her front lawn and have a yard sale (not a bad idea, though). Instead, she now has the coolness of a corner unit that's an all-in-out wall shelf, a zebra-print storage chest, an electric-blue clothes hamper and a way-cool place to stash CDs (a strip of sheet metal was twisted into a curly-cue shape and attached to the wall). Adios, desk clutter. No more messy dresser. Plastic clothes baskets, hit the bricks! Her bedroom door and walls were given the packing-goods treatment, covered with gray foam padding to offset the soft-yellow paint on contrasting walls. And to consider it a done job--a fuzzy rug and black velour recliner. Now, Tashia can kick back and enjoy her (clutter-free) space.


BEFORE silly, frilly bedding and window treatments. Boring brown floors. Even more-of-a-bore brown furniture. Way-girly stuff.

AFTER Updated color scheme. Rad ringed window "curtain." Far-out photo gallery. Mod accents.

"My room doesn't reflect who I am," Megan complained. Maybe because she's not 5 anymore! Megan needed a room to match her maturity--and she got it, First off? Lose the dolls and anything remotely lacy. Next up? A streamlined look with wide, alternating stripes on the walls (serves as a swell backing for framed pics). Like Tashia, Megan got a killer corner unit that doubles as cushiony seating and nifty storage. The look is finished oft with modern accessories--a hot-pink plastic desk chair, that cool ring thing on the window and iridescent toss pillows the girls stitched up themselves. Megan's room now has major grown-up mojo, baby!


BEFORE A granny quilt. Drab walls. A bureau and bed frame befitting a baby room. Barren floors.

AFTER Pastel color-blocking. A wicked hideaway bed. Bean bag chairs (for lots of buds to sit on), Neat, sweet storage and stash space.

Heather needed a "friendly" pad, She and the fam had recently moved into the house, so her room was pretty bland and showed few signs of life. She needed a bright spot where she could hang with her buds--she'd been dealing with trying to blend friends from the old "hood with her crew from the new. So they all pitched in to help overhaul Heather's haven. Heather wanted a new computer station (check!), cool lighting (check!) and lots of comfy seating (check!). She kissed her bureau and bed frame goodbye, and said hel-lo to overhead storage bins and a very cool hideaway bed. Yup, the bed folds up into the wall. As for the cool color-checkered walls? It's foam-board cut into squares, painted in pretty pastels and put on the walls with Velcro strips. If Heather ever gets bored, she can move the board around to change the pattern. A few squares were cut from corkboard for posting pics of all her pals. Fun, funky, far-out!


* LIGHTEN UP If you're using an ugly overhead fixture, that's the first change on your way to a kickin' pad. Turn that monstrosity off! Instead, use small indirect lights to create amazing atmosphere.

* RAD RUG For a furry floor throw, get four fluffy bathroom mats and hand-stitch them together. Use different colors for a color-blocking effect.

* PICTURE THIS Use the zebra-print technique to snazzy up an old picture frame. Then, cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frame and wrap it in scrap fabric (bright velour, satiny metallic or something fuzzy). Pop it in the frame (no glass), and voila!

* BEADAZZLING Cut several pieces of jewelry cord the length of your bedroom window. String a bunch of beads on them and tack along the top of your window. The sun will make them sparkle!
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