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Knocking out walls made room for a steam shower.

Knocking out walls made room for a steam shower

"We've brought the resort home," says Richard Cohen, referring to the gleaming, white-tiled steam shower that occupies more than half of his newly remodeled master bath. San Francisco designer Richard Banks knocked out walls and incorporated a small closet to gain space for the steam shower. Zigzag walls of wavy glass block enclose the cubicle without visually constricting the 5- by 14-foot bathroom. The inside walls were insulated, covered with a moistureproof membrane, and tiled. To prevent cold drips, the ceiling is gently sloped so condensing water streams down to the walls. There's a timer outside the enclosure, and a shutoff button inside in case the steam gets too hot. Scaled for a 300-cubic-foot area, the commercial steam generator hides behind the bench wall, beneath a stairwell.

PHOTO : For ventilation, glass blocks pivot open. They clip shut to trap steam. Hot water in

PHOTO : shaving mirror keeps it from steaming up

PHOTO : Glass-block walls enclose steam shower cubicle. Gaskets around doorway and along bottom of

PHOTO : door seal the space. Anchored into grout line, hinges fit between blocks

PHOTO : On opposite walls of shower sit separate shower heads and body sprayers. Steam outlet

PHOTO : tucks safely under tiled bench. Note ceiling-mounted stereo speakers
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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