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Knock-knee fears.

QWhat is 'knock knee'? We think our son has it.

AKnock-knee, or genu valgum to give it its medical name, is where the ankles are abnormally far apart (over 10 cm) when the knees are together.

It is common in children aged between three and five and in most will correct itself by the time the child is six.

If it does not correct itself or is caused by an underlying condition, it may be necessary to correct it. Rickets or scurvy will cause knock-knee, or there could be a family history of the legs not straightening properly with growth. If there is cause for concern, your GP will aim to find out what caused the knock-knee and may refer your son to a specialist.

Correction may be attempted by raising the edge of the shoes. Fitting walking braces or night splints might be tried. Surgery will be recommended only if there is no other option but if surgery is called for, is highly effective.

Start by asking. The chances are that there is nothing to worry about.

Alan Taman is Press & Communications Officer at Birmingham Children's Hospital. Send your child health questions to Ask Alan, Features Editorial, Bpm Media (Midlands), Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham, B24 9FF To donate to the hospital's Red Balloon Appeal call 0121 333 8525.
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Date:Dec 29, 2009
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