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Knock it off! Kim such a shocker for knocking knock-offs.

Byline: Rachael Bletchly JUST SAYING!

KIM Kardashian was out and about in LA this week. Well, more out, than about TBH.

She was presenting a gong at the annual Hollywood Beauty Awards and - not wanting to overshadow the winners - chose a modest little dress that barely got a mention on Twitter or t'internet.

I jest, of course. Her cutaway gown, by top designer Thierry Mugler, and the knockers it was barely concealing, caused a sensation.

And, like all Kim's clobber, it was soon being copied.

Less than 24 hours later a low-rent version was going for PS50 on a clothing website. But Kim, 38, wasn't happy with the facsimile frock. She tweeted: "It's devastating to see these companies rip off designs that have taken the blood, sweat and tears of true designers."

Blood, sweat and tears? Being a scissor whizz myself (see above) I reckon I could've knocked that up with a bin liner and a roll of black duck tape.

And without even breaking a bloody sweat.

I certainly won't be shedding any tears over multi-millionaire Monsieur Mugler.

Kim has made a fortune out of being copied so her faux outrage is pathetic.

She needs to cut it out.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 24, 2019
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