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Knobbe Martens helps Masimo win patent award of over $466 million in damages.

Summary: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP has recently finished a jury trial on behalf of its long-term client, Masimo Corp. On the first of October, ...

Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP has recently finished a jury trial on behalf of its long-term client, Masimo Corp. On the first of October, the jury unanimously awarded Masimo over $466 million in damages against Philips Electronics North America Corp. for infringing two Masimo patents. In addition, the jury rejected Philips's challenge to the validity of these patents and Philips's claim that Masimo owed $169 million for allegedly infringing a Philips patent.

Masimo is a global medical technology company that makes innovative patient monitoring technologies, including medical devices and sensors. As a key medical technology innovator, the company is responsible for the invention of noninvasive technologies that are revolutionizing patient monitoring, including Masimo SET pulse oximetry, Masimo Rainbow Pulse CO-Oximetry and new Masimo noninvasive and continuous total hemoglobin (SpHb) monitoring technology. Masimo's patents have now been enforced in multiple lawsuits over the years handled by Knobbe Martens, one of the nation's largest law firms devoted to intellectual property.


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"Knobbe Martens is proud to have represented Masimo all these years to protect its innovative and groundbreaking technology," said Joseph Re, lead trial counsel for Masimo.

Masimo's technology has focused on pulse oximetry and improving patient care all over the world while decreasing the cost of care. According to Re, "Encouraging and rewarding this type of true innovation is exactly what the patent system was intended to accomplish. In view of criticism of our nation's patent system, this case was a wonderful reminder that our system works to protect innovation."

Although the patent system doesn't work perfectly, according to Re, it is all we have, and we so desperately need it now more than ever. Today, everyone seems to be knocking down the patent system, but that is because many of the critics have not been exposed to real inventions that make real differences for society, Re believes. "The Masimo invention story is the poster child for what is good about patents, and how they directly led to great improvements to our nation's healthcare system. "

Re added, "Without the patent system, the inventors would never have been able to raise the capital to commercialize their inventions."

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Publication:Inside Counsel
Date:Oct 28, 2014
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