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Knight vs. Dragon.

In Europe during the Middle Ages (400s-1400s), brave knights scoured the countryside in search of dragons, hoping to rid the world of the terrible beasties. But which would win in a one-on-one battle?

KNIGHT Medieval knights were mounted warriors who had been given the title of knighthood by a king or other ruler as a reward for excellent military service. Knights trained in fighting, hunting, and, of course, horseback riding. When fighting, they wore complicated sets of heavy armor for protection and used many different weapons. Knights followed a code of conduct called chivalry, which required them to uphold virtues including faith, loyalty, courage, and honor. Today, orders of knighthood still exist in countries such as England, Denmark, Russia, and Brazil, but the title is now given only as a sign of respect, usually for non-military service.

DRAGON European dragons were depicted as huge, snake-like monsters with four lizard-y legs growing from their sides and two bat-like wings sprouting from their backs. They were sometimes said to breathe fire, and they were pretty much always evil. Many people thought that dragons had underground caverns filled with stolen gold and other treasures that they protected with their lives. Sometimes they even kidnapped fair maidens! Dragons appear in the legends of other cultures, too--and not always as evil monsters. Chinese dragons, for example, were said to be wise, noble creatures that were often helpful to humans.


This one's easy! Because knights actually did exist and dragons are (most likely) only the stuff of myths and fairytales, the knight wins. The kidnapped fair maiden is probably super happy to hear that!

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