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Knight's losing his shine.

WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES II ..... pS3 LEVEL-5 have delivered some truly outstanding titles over the years. From the cartoontinged escapism of the Dragon Quest and Dark Cloud series, to the devious and delightful Professor Layton games on DS Unfortunately, White Knight Chronicles II stumbles along and fails to shine as bright as the company's previous offerings.

The game is a standard Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) and it's bogged down by a clumsy combat system and generic plot involving heroes, villains and giant mech-style knights and monsters.

Combat plays out in a similar vein to MMOs, with the player waiting for action commands to refresh before they can be used again. But the MMO influence goes deeper than just combat - up to six players can take on quests online, while optional in-game micro transactions are also available.

But while the game can look gorgeous in places, the strange hybrid design jars, while the story is rarely of any interest.

If you missed the first game on PS3, Level-5 have included the original on the disc, meaning you can play the whole way through the saga from the start. It's an epic undertaking, but one which never quite hits its stride.

There are better examples of the genre available, making White Knight Chronicles II one for devoted fans only.

A let down, then, especially given the game's high production values and rich developer background.


BATTLE: White Knight
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 1, 2011
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