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Knife changeover times reduced on rubber cutters.

Technology has been developed that enables users of the company's rubber cutting machines to execute knife blade changeover much more efficiently.

This company manufactures a line of lathe cutters that can cut rubber with lengths up to 48" and diameters up to 12". The machines cut rubber by implementing a carriage that introduces a knife to the material. Previous cutter models featured a knife holder inserted into the block of the knife carriage. Installing a new knife blade required the removal of bolts from both ends of the carriage to free the knife holder. After changing the blade, a separate tool was needed to properly position the blade. This process took about three minutes to complete.

The firm's newly engineered quick changeover system has cut that time down to under 10 seconds. Knife carriages are now equipped so that the redesigned knife holder slips over the top of the carriage and is secured with a quick release or disconnect handle. Plus, all machines now come with a spare knife holder.

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Sep 22, 2005
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