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Knicks coach now playing for Miller.

New York Knicks coach Pat Riley has signed a multi-year agreement with Miller Brewing Co. to participate in Miller Genuine Draft promotional activities, according to a Miller official.

Richard Strup, senior vice president-marketing for Miller, said Riley will serve as a national spokesperson for the brewer's responsible drinking efforts by being featured in "Think When You Drink" television and radio commercials beginning in 1993.

Riley will also participate in Genuine Draft promotions related to its National Basketball Association sponsorship.

"Pat Riley exemplifies winning both on and off the court," Strup stated. "His dynamic personality will help us underline the importance of responsible drinking as well as enhance Miller Genuine Draft's strong presence in the NBA. Riley's involvement will help us maintain MGD's momentum as the fastest-growing full-calorie premium beer."

Additionally, Riley's likeness will be used on "Think When You Drink" point-of-sale material, print advertisements and merchandise.

"This represents a great opportunity for me to communicate this extremely important message of responsible drinking to a wide audience," Riley explained. "I'm pleased to join the Miller team because they have a great tradition for marketing responsibly as well as a long-standing tradition for bringing the American public the best in sports, especially the NBA, so it's a natural association."

Riley will also be featured in point-of-sale and promotional items relating to Genuine Draft sponsorship of the NBA, including a Miller point-of-sale program surrounding the peak basketball months of March and April, Strup reported. The campaign will tap Riley's basketball knowledge, and provide fans with insights into the game.
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Title Annotation:New York Knicks' Pat Riley promoting Miller Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 21, 1992
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