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Knickers in a twist; MAILBAG.

I SHOULD liKe to share a concern with you. I have recently retired and had to thinK. It concerns an item of lingerie - namely French KnicKers.

What concerns me is that most women seem to assume that briefs are what we women wear and we have no choice. Admittedly, ladies of a mature age can buy panties. Some have a leg to them but they are designed, I'm sure, for the elderly.

Men have a choice - something brief, Y-fronts, trunKs or boxer shorts. Women also could have a choice if only they Knew! Briefs do nothing for me but French KnicKers do. They are usually made of polyester which has a satin feel, quite a long leg and a lace trim round each leg. But where can they be bought? I tried phoning the big high street stores, in Huddersfield, Bradford and Leeds. I got the same answer. "Sorry, no".

I went to Ann Summers. I Knew the answer would be 'no' but what STRUCK me was that the young sales assistant obviously was not familiar with the name French KnicKers. I thought most women in their 20s and 30s probably wouldn't Know either.

I found out that it is possible to buy them on mail order (from Amazon) etc but I LIKE to see what I'm buying.

Quite recently I wandered into the Huddersfield's Queensgate MarKet and to my surprise and delight Carters lingerie stall had them for sale, not just in BLACK and white either.

But this stall is TUCKED away in a far corner of the marKet so who Knows of it? If the younger generation had the opportunity to see them, some of them might well buy some.

One of the problems in promoting them is the name 'KnicKers.' For some reason I don't understand the word has become a cause of giggling. KnicKers tend to be what we give our daughters when they are young children, but after that another word is normally used. So should the name be altered, so as not to put women off? I've tried to thinK of possibilities such as ladies boxers or French panties. But neither of these really appeals to me.

PUZZLED Huddersfield
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Sep 14, 2013
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